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July 17, 2012

Betty asks…

can i buy a home if i’m in college?

might go to college in Lubbock, TX or Lansing, MI can i buy a home the homes are really cheap, but should i buy a home or rent an apartment.

Administrator answers:

The biggest problem is that home ownership makes you a lot less mobile. If you’re certain that you want to spend the next ten years in Lubbock or Lansing…it might be worth it. But as a college student, what happens when you graduate and a job offer in LA or New York comes up?

Laura asks…

A family member has been struggling to hold onto a job for many years.?

He just lost his most recent job and will be evicted this week from his apartment. He is 55 years old and a smart guy but is just can’t seem to get it together. This is not a drug or alcohol problem to the best of my knowledge. Any suggestions on what he can do or an agency he can contact to find work and get back on his feet? He lives in Lubbock, TX and has bounced from job to job in recent years.

Administrator answers:

You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves! He knows what he is doing is wrong, and there’s nothing you can do to help. Just be there for him and support him. That’s all you can do.

Sandra asks…

I joined the Air Force and I’m in DEP. I’m also married and concerned about how that works with tech school.

I joined the USAF and got a job as “Missle and Space elec. maintance” I’m also married and my concern is what comes after BMT. I know my tech school starts in Lackland for 10-12 weeks. My wife will be waiting out BMT in Lubbock, TX which is only a 7 hour drive away. She would like to move to San Antonio a few days before my Graduation, (assuming she will need to live there durring my tech school to be near me. Does this sound like a good plan or is there somethings I should understand. Will we be aloud to live together? If so is it up to us, (or her) to find an apartment close to base or are you given temp base housing? Also how long is the norm. once I start tech school before I’ll be allowed to move in with her? Also do we need to find a furnished apt. or will the AF move our furniture there? My last question is when I move to my 2nd tech school at vandenburg (12-16 weeks) do I get time off to move her there or is she gonna be on her own? Please help as this is becoming a major prob.

Administrator answers:

Congrats on being in the DEP, Trainee!

Okay, problem time. Your first tech school is a TDY (temporary duty) of 10-12 weeks, the next is 12-16 weeks. The Air Force won’t pay to move you or your stuff to either school.

They WILL, however, pay you a basic allowance for housing (BAH) so she can pay rent wherever she lives.

Something you might want to consider: If she’s able to stay with a relative while you tough out basic and tech school, you guys could bank that housing allowance while you are in technical training. You will have to get used to family separations at some point, and basic and tech school are better handled without a nearby spouse.

Then when you get assigned somewhere as a permanent party airman, you’ll have 5-6 months worth of BAH in the bank. They will ALSO at that time pay to ship your belongings from where they are now to your new duty station. Six months BAH is not a bad thing to have when you’re starting up a household in a new place, what with first and last months’ rent, etc. You might also get into base housing, and just have a nest egg.

Most important thing last: Your RECRUITER needs to be telling you all this. His job doesn’t end when you become a DEP member.

Good luck!

The Artist Formerly Known as MSgt Bill

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