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May 1, 2012

David asks…

I’m looking for apartments in Lubbock, TX with some aor all bills paid.?

Administrator answers:

These have ALL bills paid (water, electricity, cable, internet)

Raiders Pass–where I live : )

University Courtyard

University Fountains

The Dominion

That’s just off the top of my head, there’s lots more…go here

And the ones I mentioned are geared towards the college if that’s not ur scene you might want to avoid them. Good luck!

Lisa asks…

Any opinions on Hickory Tree Apartments in Lubbock, TX? These are good for a family or not? pls tell me.?

Administrator answers:

Bentwood is alright

Robert asks…

Can you suggest a website with reliable apartment listings in Lubbock TX?

Administrator answers:

Im not sure, but for your moving needs call “Garcia Movers”.
281-919-1876 or visit for special offers!

Daniel asks…

What should i expect to pay for renters insurance for my apartment when i live in an apartment complex in TX?

I am 20 years old and will be in lubbock tx living with my girlfriend, and the rent is $500 a month for a one bedroom one bath.


Administrator answers:

It should run you around $150 a year. Keep in mind, since you aren’t related to girlfriend, YOUR insurance won’t cover HER stuff.

Also keep in mind, if you get your insurance from the same company you get your car insurance with, you’ll likely have a discount of MORE than $250 on the car insurance – making the renters insurance better than free.

Nancy asks…

I am thinking of moving to Seattle from Lubbock TX. What should i expect from Seattle?

I am interested in prices of apartments and homes. and general living conditions. And in good colleges in the area.

Administrator answers:

Honestly, studies do show that Seattle gets less rain than most east coast cities, but we do have more cloudy days per year.

Seattle is honestly a beautiful city and the Pacific NW in general is beautiful. As already said, Seattle is very liberal in politics, the suburbs are more Republican. Downtown is very nice too and there is tons of shopping and things to see and do. Nice restaurants are downtown also. Also, prepare to see Starbucks and coffee shops all over the place. Ranked Fittest City of 2005.

House prices in Seattle are getting ridiculous and apartments and condos downtown are extremely expensive.

The University of Washington is a pretty good school. I suggest you go to the site below (Wikipedia) for more information.


There also is Seattle Pacific University and Seattle University.

Jenny asks…

My apartment manager allowed pets shit anywhere on the yard.?

What can I do?
I live in Lubbock Tx.
My apartment manager allowed my niighbors’ pets shit anywhere on the yard around my apartment?
**** means have “stool”

Administrator answers:

To have pets in their apartment, and to allow a bowel movement on property that is shared with others, are two separate issues.

The neighbor with the pet should be required to clean up his pets mess immediately after the bowel movement, or within a reasonable amount of time.

If talking to the neighbor is not an option or doesn’t work, I would suggest speaking to management. (explain it is foul smelling and unhealthy)

If, after a reasonable amount of time has gone by and you see no results, I would then call your local health department or housing code enforcement, as the feces may be considered to be unhealthy living conditions. (some states require the immediate removal of feces) If this is the case in your state, they may schedule an inspection of the property and fine them if they don’t comply.

To prevent hostility from management or neighbors, you may want to speak with the health department first, to be sure of your rights or the local laws and health codes.

Good luck

Chris asks…

Thinking about moving to lubbock..?

So i was thinking about moving to Lubbock TX, i was wondering if anyone has any websites for apartment or houses near T.T. and maybe a good area to live in close to the campus..

Administrator answers:

Hi there, a little reading for you..


regards pops..

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