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Your Questions About Apartments In Queens

January 31, 2013

Linda asks…

How difficult would it be to get a 2 bedroom apartment in Queens??

I have bad credit, by the way….. :(

How much would a 2 bedroom apartment go for??

Administrator answers:

Well in Queens you might get lucky and find an apartmetn from the owner. Usually a two bedroom runs anywhere from 1200-1600. You can find one really easy because there are always apartments avaible to rent

check this website out:

hope that helps

Robert asks…

nicest places to get an apartment in queens?

im not very good at researching this because im a young guy and i dont have anyone to help me with this. i have to do all the researching on my own.

also how many roommates do you suggest i have?

Administrator answers:

Prior to moving to Queens, ask yourself these questions.

What is your monthly income in which you can contribute towards the rent, utilities, food, and your own bills?

What type of roommates are you looking for? A person who is clean, non smoker, responsible and are you ok if they do have a pet?

Who are your neighbors in the place you will be residing?

When renting a place with another person, I always recommend that you do not use Craigslist, they have been noted for scam artists.

Places I would recommend to live in Queens:
Long Island City

These are some good working class neighborhoods. However do not rule out Queens, there are some good places in Brooklyn and the Bronx as well.

Do some research about the neighborhoods and the type of roommate(s) you want to live with.

Nancy asks…

Is it expensive to rent a nice apartment in Queens, New York?

Administrator answers:

= expensive to rent a nice apartment in Queens, New York.

David asks…

What areas of queens are located closest to Long Island?

My boyfriend and I are moving from LI to queens as I will be starting law school there in August. The problem is, we dont know if his job will let him transfer to the queens location, hence we are trying to find an apartment thats in queens but closest to nassau county. Thanks for all you help in advance!!!!

Administrator answers:

I am assuming that you are going either to saint johns or cuny law. Any apartment that is convenient for you to get there will also be locate fairly close to Nassau County. That would include areas like Flushing, Glen Oaks, Douglaston, Bellerose and Floral Park

Paul asks…

What is the best way to sale my co-op apartment in queens N.Y. fast?

if anyone has any really good ideas

Administrator answers:

Just put it on It will sell like hotcakes!

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