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June 7, 2013

Ruth asks…

For newyorkers only or people in retail?

I’m looking to move to new york next year and moving to Queens or Bronx. Its going to be me and my friend and I was wondering what would be the best deal. To pay rent in an apartment or put down on a condominium or town house? I’m going to become a massage therapist so take in consideration on my salary as well.

Administrator answers:

Well look in the areas of jamiaca queens? Lots nice apartments and condos there. Or look in the areas of little neck and great neck.

Maria asks…

Help do you think I can make it?

I have a house in Woodside Queens New York City
It cost me 750,000 it has 2 apartmens and one basement
If a change the apartments and the basement to all new
new Kitchen dischwasher fllors of wood new windows
Each apartments have 5 betrooms 2 of them have four windows and a fake chimney.
I rent each apartment for 2700 plus one of the garage I will get like 3000 plus the same amount for the other apartment …and the basement I rented for 1700 plus the garage I will get 2000
Adding all I will get 8000 on the rent
plus 4000 I make in my two jobs and 2000 that makes my wife
it will add all to 15,000 for month
And I realize that I can pay for the house in 5 years and for the loans and the mortage in 11 years So in 11 years I will be free
You Think it can be possible

P.S the rent are not exagerated I know apartments of three betrooms in blooklyn that are rented for 2700
the house has three private garages
the house has three private garages
sorry for the grammar

Administrator answers:

You have to factor in repairs and renovation, as well as damage from future tenants. There is also no guarantee that you will always have all the units rented, and there are bound to be other expenses that you have not foreseen.

Still, if your spelling doesn’t do you in sooner you might be okay.

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