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November 19, 2012

Joseph asks…

local move which method is cheaper?

I plan to move from my apartment in Queens NY to another apartment in Queens, I just check the craigslist and there are some moving companies that charge based on the number of movers/hour, since I don’t have a lot of stuff, i was thinking to ask for one mover (about $40/hour) instead of 2 movers($70/hour), is it a good idea or I may get into trouble by one mover and paying more?

Administrator answers:

Obviously 2 people can more fastly and efficiently move you.. Which may end up being cheaper and less stressful.

Donna asks…

What ever happened to Craigslist?

I was a Craigslist devotee. Cars, apartments, simple furniture, jobs – I have been there done that.

The jobs section has been destroyed by evil people out to swindle. Now I’m looking for an apartment (I found my apt. on CL 5 years ago, and now I am moving again) – and Craigslist has changed dramatically in 5 years time. I never had a worry about being able to find value on CL – now everything there is junk…

Anybody know where I can find a 1-bedroom apt in Queens, NY – without having these $200-and-I-just-got-my-real-estate-sales-license vultures send me emails? Or worst – these a@#%&les that claim to have an apartment send me an email – to ask for a credit report that you have to submit through their site? how stupid do these people really think we are?!

Where are the real landlords?? Where have they all gone? What happened to the solid people that used to make up Craigslist?

Any tips on finding this apt. would be appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Yes, it is quite sad that Craigslist has been so thoroughly infiltrated by the bad and criminal elements of our time.

These scams appear everywhere, in every city, in every section – housing, jobs, general, barter, wanted, free… name it they are there.

Your best defense is to be knowledgeable and discerning. Just ignore any and all e-mails that ask for personal details, no matter how good the apparent reason.

I was looking for a used car, and almost every post/response on CL was a scam – a soldier in Iraq with his car in Salt Lake City, a grandmother willing to sell me her Hummer and ship it from Maryland, etc, etc. In the end, I bought a used car from a local Honda dealership – even got a free tank of gas when the deal closed!!

Maria asks…

Affordable rental?

Where can I find an affordable apartment in Queens, NY?

Or can someone direct me to a website that has affordable rentals (no brokers fee)….I’ve tried Craigslist, Rent, Hotpads…


Administrator answers:

this is an alternative to craigslist

Local newspaper

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