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Your Questions About Apartments In Queens Ny

July 24, 2012

Ken asks…

best website to look for apartments in queens NY?

looking for affordable apartments in queens
around the prices of 900-1400 a month
any websites?

Administrator answers:

Try these local newspaper sites:

Lizzie asks…

what are good places to find apartments in NY?

To be more specific I’m looking for an apartment in Queens NY, I have tried craigslist but I know there must be other ways and places where I can search. Can someone help out with this please??? :)

Administrator answers:

Here is a few places you maybe like to look at

Otto Nielsen Realty has the index on real estate in Queens, New York. … Looking for homes for sale in
Queens or apartments t o rent, Otto Nielsen … – 27k

Queens Apartments | Rent an apartment in Queens, New York and earn up to 200 dollars in rewards with our free online apartment search – 23k

Charles asks…

Websites (besides craigslist) to find no-fee apartments in Queens, NY?

Administrator answers:

I really like That would be my #1 choice. We found our 1st apartment on, and you get $100 if you rent one of the apartments listed. They have great searchable amenities, I love it. Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Chris asks…

What’s a good website to look at cheap 1 bedroom apartments in queens NY?

Thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

There are NONE You need to use a realtor or check the classified ads in the NY Post or Times.
Cheap is 1000 a month plus utilities.

John asks…

Apartments Search Queens NY?

I am looking to move to Queens I like Flushing zip code 11355 how much would a 1bedroom apt or studio cost to rent. I would need a parking space too because i have a car. ( I like to be close walking distance to the LIRR and or subway)

What are your thoughts on Briarwood, just in case Flushing does not workout out.

Administrator answers:

Try They have tons of postings daily. I doubt the rent would be too much in that area.

Laura asks…

How much money should I save in order to live in a studio apartment in Queens, NY paying $800-$850 an month?

Administrator answers:

Well you want to make sure that if something should happen you would have at least 6 months of back up… If rent and utilities and food and gas and insurance and such cost say 3000 a month you need to have 18000 saved to make sure you can get a job. That’s a high estimate. But you need to make sure that you have enough in case something goes wrong. You also need an emergency fund.

Good Luck

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