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Your Questions About Apartments In Queensland Australia

July 24, 2012

William asks…

Apartments in Queensland, Australia?

I live in the States and am moving to Queensland, Australia. The worst part is I can’t find any apartment websites, all i can find are motels, with huge nightly costs. Don’t care where it is in Queensland hopefully Brisbane. And by the by can i have a rough estimate on how much apartments cost there?

Administrator answers:

I guess you want a rental apartment which you sign up for a lease of 6 months at a time. Rental prices have gone up quite a bit in the last year and the prices vary a lot. Depends how much luxury you want. I live on The Gold Coast and brisbane prices are similar. An average 2 bedroom would be at least $300 a week maybe $350. Http:// If you are looking short term to start Once you are here there are many real estate offices you can go to. Bring references with you. Good Luck

Ken asks…

Anyone stayed at the Sunseeker Holiday Apartments in Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia?

I have booked into the Sunseekers Holiday Apartments in Port Douglas and have seen some reviews that were not very complimentary. Is there anyone who has stayed there recently who can tell me if it is an OK place to stay in???

Administrator answers:

I live nearby and am a frequent visitor to PD, and although I don’t know the apartments, I know that there is a large range of 5star to 2star accommodation.
There is so much competition that I would be surprised if there was any sub-standard accommodation in accordance with its particular rating. You would get what you pay for.


Donald asks…

Can i have a dog in my own purchased unit? in Queensland?

Hi I was wondering, I am planning to buy an apartment not a house, too expensive. I want to buy a property back in Australia in Queensland, but i don’t know the laws about having a small chihuahua allowed in a unit.

If I have purchased this unit and it’s considered my property, do i have the right to have a pet??

Administrator answers:

It’s an apartment. There will be a building ‘board’ or ‘association’ that
makes the rules.
Ask before you buy.

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