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October 27, 2012

James asks…

looking for newer apartment buildings in san antonio tx north east or north west side..?

studio or one bedroom affordable but safe prefer new buildings

Administrator answers:

Have you checked or
Also, grab free apartment magazines at convenience stores and other locations. Good luck with your search

Ken asks…

apartment with washer and dryer in San Antonio TX?

Need it near the Fort Sam Houston area…like a 5 min drive if possible. What are my choices? Needs to have washer and drier inside the unit. NO GATES if possible and big parking spaces without the sun covers. and a gym would be nice.

Administrator answers:

Try these websites:

Mark asks…

Problems with apartment management in san antonio tx. Help?

My husband and I just transferred into a smaller apartment. We paid 300 to transfer and of course rent up front. We get into the apartment and all sorts of things don’t work. (ex. the bathroom door locks us in, no hot water, sliding glass door is letting in cold air bc it will not close all the way, the drain does not work in the tub. ) We put in request on the 20 of January, nothing got fixed. We put in maintance requests again on the 31 January, still waiting. We woke up yesterday morning to find that our “heat” was blowing out cold air. We called maintance immediatley and told them we have an emergency and asked for them to come fix our heat. They informed us they would have it fixed by yesterday afternoon. (This was at 6 AM) After work I dropped my husband off at the house only to find that our Betta fish was almost frozen in his tank. The heat had not been fixed. My husband was able to save our fish, but that still leaves the problem of no heat. The office manager informs us that she called in contractors to come fix the heat. Around 9 when I get back home form class, there is still no heat. I called the staff again to see what was going on and they informed us that we will just have to wait until tomorrow and they won’t even bring out space heaters…
Just as a little bit of extra information for you, when we were transferring into this apartment they tried to make us sign a lease stating that they had given back 425 of our deposit. They wouldn’t let us move in until we signed it. Finally we were able to get them to change it to have the correct information, but it is still a little shady.
I am just wondering if this is retaliation and/ or if there is anything at all we can do? This place is horrible! We pay our rent, we are not bad residents. All we ask is that they provide us with a suitable place to live.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.

Administrator answers:

You could sue in small claims court, because the deficiencies you describe make this unit uninhabitable. Most likely the judge would award you damages in the full amount of the rent. BTW, always keep a good log or record of when you called for repairs, who you talked to and what the results were. If it is possible to take pictures of some of the deficiencies, do it. Invaluable in court. Good luck.

Lisa asks…

Move from Orange County, CA to San Antonio, TX? But what about the school districts?

I may have the opportunity to move the wife and 2 boys (5 & 8) from a $1800+ a month 2 BDRM apartment in Orange County, CA to San Antonio, TX and keep the same pay. Everything looks great from the price of new homes to climate. My only concern is that my research (based on 2000 census numbers and districts located in Bexar County) shows that my two caucasion boys may end up part of the minority in the schools they attend. This is a concern because in CA this would mean the teacher spends all his/her time teaching english to non-english speaking students. Is my research correct? Concern legitimate? Should I be looking more at housing in one school district than another? A district in a neighboring county? Also, do any of the schools offer a voluntary laptop program where children learn in the classroom with the use of take-home laptops?

Administrator answers:

Mojo7824 summed it up pretty well. With the type of house you will be able to afford here, you won’t be in a school district where this is a problem. Most of the people who primarily speak Spanish at home live on the south side or the west side. The English-speaking middle class white folks mostly live on the north side of town.

Alamo Heights is also a good area with a top-rated schools; it is a trendy area with lots of older homes that have been renovated; it is a separately incorporated town that is now completely surrounded by San Antonio; back in the 50′s it was a suburb.

Feel free to shoot me an email if you want to know more about the different neighborhoods around here.

George asks…

What is the average electricity bill for an efficiency in san antonio, tx?

I have a 374sq ft apartment with central AC and I’ve heard horror stories about electricity bills during the summer. I just moved in so I don’t have an average and would like to know what to expect. I keep my AC at 80°, have both my ceiling fan and tower fan on all the time and usually have my ’27 inch tv on overnight.

Administrator answers:

$100 2brdm house with no ceiling fans or floor fans but we have a big screen tv and computers that are on all day.

Paul asks…

Who is responsible for catching stray dogs in San Antonio, Tx?

I have asked the Apartment Management where I live, the City and the Pound to take the stray dogs off the property where I live. None of the above will do anything about the problem.

I want to know where the breakdown in the system is so we can have the stray dogs taken off the Apartment Complex where I live.

Administrator answers:

It is Animal Control’s job to take care of this problem. Unfortunately, in some places, the AC is sub-par, at best, and they will refuse to take care of strays despite it being their job; this is common when the local animal control facility is underfunded.

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