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Your Questions About Apartments In San Antonio Tx

November 20, 2012

Joseph asks…

What are some good apartment complexes around Lackland AFB, in San Antonio, TX?

I am moving to San Antonio from out of state because my husband is going to be at Lackland AFB. I am not able to go to San Antonio until I actually move there, so I need to find a house before then. I am looking online, but I was wondering if there is anyone out there that knows of good apartment complexes that are reasonable (500-700 for 1 bedroom) that are not more than 10 miles away from the base, or if anyone could tell me which ones to stay away from?

Administrator answers:

I would not recommend getting an apartment around Lackland, because the area sucks. If you plan to be in SA for a while, I suggest you find something north of Culebra road. Either way, getting to Lackland is very quick and easy if you hit 410. There are alot of apartments off of Bandera Road and around the I10 area which is a really nice place to live. It just really depends on how long you will be there. You didn’t say whether he was just going to basic, Tech school or he is actually getting stationed there. If you are going to be here for a while, I would really suggest the I10 area!

Nancy asks…

which is a better place to spend winter, Tucson AZ or San antonio TX?

what do you think? I am sick of the cold weather in colorado so I am relocating. I don’t know if I could stand the heat in either place come summer, but first things first. Where would you go?
I am not rich, I have to rent an apartment, and find a job. I am a single guy with a couple of cats.

Administrator answers:

I’ve lived in both San Antonio and Tucson. Texas is much cheaper & also has cooler summers and winters than Tucson. It snowed once when I lived in Tucson, but only lasted a few hours, then was gone. I have a picture of me at Christmas time with shorts on, like a summer day.

It can get cold in the winter in San Antonio. It’s humid and Jan-Feb the cold just goes right through you. So it’s cheaper to live in Texas, humid & miserable in summer, winter can get cold. Tucson is nice, hot in summer, not much chance of snow in winter.

I live in Colorado because I like all four seasons.

Good Luck!!

Ruth asks…

Safe Areas in San Antonio,TX?

Can you please tell me what areas of San Antonio,TX are safest? I want to get an apartment that is affordable but I’m not sure about the areas.

Administrator answers:

Go for the stone oak area or the medical center area. So stick with either far north, northwest or northeast ( but don’t go too far to the east in the northeast or there’s trouble)

San Antonio is like most cities, there’s areas to avoid and areas to enjoy. It’s a great city and there’s a lot to do. Welcome!

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know where in San Antonio, TX. I can take classes to become a leasing agent for apartment complex?

Administrator answers:

I would call the Alamo Community College District Continuing Education section and see if they offer any classes for that and what is the tuition.

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