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November 28, 2012

Laura asks…

San Antonio, Tx cost of living?

I see that apartments, in S.A, cost much less than the apartments in Chicago. But, is the job bank in S.A good? do they pay enough to sustain life? meaning, rent, food, and utilities? I dont need to be Rich, just a deceant paying job. On the other hand , how is life in San Antonio. Pics look nice, but I hear that most of the city is old, dirty, and run down. Any advice out there?
The question, is for people who lived there or live there! I need info from experience.


Administrator answers:

I live in san antonio, and life is good, there are soooo many things to do you could go downtown, shopping ( we have A LOT of malls), the park, historical sites, and the night life is packed with stuff to do, like at a club here, gym class heroes, red jumsuit apparatus, and daughtry preformed, at the verison wireless ampatheater, fall out boy is comming, and don’t forget fiesta texas, and sea world. And there are more than enough job opprotunities, some more than others, depends on what you do. The city might be old, but its not run down, now they are improving it more than ever, there are roads, highways, buildings, houses and much more that are being bulit!!!! Enjoy!!!!

Michael asks…

How many handicap parking spaces does an apartment complex have to provide in San Antonio, TX?

There is one handicap spot in front of my building however, there are 2 different residents in my building that are disabled. Me being one of them. Unfortunately, for me, the other resident isn’t as kind about sharing it with me as I am with him. He acts as though it is HIS and his only space. Finding a parking place even remotely close to my apartment can be quite challenging a good bit of the time. Before I complain to the leasing office I was hoping to know my rights. Does the complex have to give us both a disabled parking spot so that we BOTH can have easier access to our apartment?

Administrator answers:

Handicapped parking spaces are not designated by how many handicapped people live in the building. They have to have x # per x # of spaces. As landlord noted if you live in a small complex the one space may be legal.

Sandy asks…

Safest place to live in San Antonio, TX?

My husband is in the military and I’m looking for a little studio apartment or something small. But all of the reviews for apartments that I have read talk about some of the bad crime that happens there. Which of course comes with being in a city and in an apartment complex. Can anyone give me advice on which apartments are a little safer? I’m a female and will be living alone most of the time and I don’t want to have to be paranoid and scared out of my mind all the time about someone breaking into my car or apartment. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

My friend is a single female living in an apartment too. She has lived in the stone oak area for the last 5 years and really loves it. She is very conscientious about safety too. So look in 78258 or 78259 zip codes and you should be fine. I live in a residential community in 78259 and it is a very safe area of San Antonio.

If your husband is going to be stationed at Randolph AFB, another good area would be Shertz, which is a small city just outside San Antonio. Lots of families are moving there.

Sandra asks…

Bargain Furniture Stores in San Antonio, TX?

Does anyone know a place in San Antonio that has bargain furniture? I am moving there, and can’t haul my furniture. I need to furnish my new apartment on a budget.

Administrator answers:

There are a number of thrift stores in the area who’s inventory is always changing. Standby Goodwill is always there. Honestly I’ve gotten a lot of good deals for furniture from craigslist! I got a new looking dresser and computer desk.

Paul asks…

Moving To San Antonio, TX?

Hey, my wife is in the Air Force and is doing her Tech school in San Antonio, TX. Im going to move to SA for 3 months. im looking for a nice little apartment. Furnished. studio or whatever. under 500 bucks. close to lackland AF base. does anyone know of any apartment complexes that i could check out. im going up there on May 15th and need a place within like 3 days so i want to go knowing what im looking for. if anyone can help me find something that would be great! thanks!

Administrator answers:

No one else may tell you this but you’ll have to be very careful staying in this part of town. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep your doors locked. I don’t want to alarm you. I simply want you to have a good three months here without any incident. Regardless of where we are or where we live we need to always take precaution because anything could happen, however, there are certain areas where one has to be especially cautious. Have an enjoyable stay and welcome to our beautiful city.

Richard asks…

What organization in San Antonio TX will remove feral/stray cats?

First let me state ACS (animal control/pound) and local shelters are NO HELP. All of our shelters are full 24/7 thanks to all the idiots who dump their pets after they grow out of their puppy/kitten stage. I can not spend any money on these stray cats and to rent a trap you have to pay $30 per trap and put down a $100 deposit so that is out of the question. If any one in San antonio TX has any info about this please let me know ASAP. I live in an apartment complex and we have close to 30 stray cats. I don’t know if this is because all the female cats are in heat right now or what but the cats are CONSTANTLY fighting and keeping us up at night. I would like to find a humane way to get rid of them but most of my neighbors don’t have good consciences and would rather kill them then loose any more sleep.

Administrator answers:

The san Antonio Humane Society might be the one for you, yes they do require a deposit (but you get that back once the trap is returned – maybe your neighbour’s will chip in).

Here’s what the web site said
“Started as a grassroots effort in the U.S., Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is now becoming accepted all across the country. TNR is the only proven humane method that solves the overpopulation problem while allowing the cats to live out healthy lives. The San Antonio Humane Society rents humane traps for those looking to find a way to transport feral cats for the TNR program that is safe for humans and cats alike. Rental fee is $15 for ten days, with a $100 deposit refundable upon return of the trap. Call (210) 226-7461 for more information on renting a humane trap.”

Of course it is quite possible that these aren’t feral cats, it they are strays – the difference is a stray will respond positively to people which means you may be able to catch them by leaving out food, befriending them, putting them in a normal cat carrier and taking them to the shelter.

They might also belong to other people in the complex who haven’t been able to get them neutered.

Appreciate that this is an annoying problem, and it shouldn’t be up to you to sort it out – but it will only get worse as these cats have kittens.

Interestingly the San Antonio council says’ cat colonies are encouraged, but the caretaker of a colony must purchase a cat colony permit. Cat colonies with eight (8) or fewer cats do not require a permit.’. So you won’t get much help there.

Ruth asks…

Moving from Morgantown, WV to San Antonio, TX?

OK, so I have a lease in Morgantown, WV that’s going to be up at the end of May 2011, and I’ve decided several months ago I want to move to San Antonio, TX… I was down there several months ago on vacation and really liked it. Plus, when I compared the Cost of Living, several sites had San Antonio cheaper than Morgantown (I couldn’t believe it!)

Anyway, the only possessions I have worth taking are my laptop, iPhone, clothes and linens, a box of DVDs, a small box of books, an air mattress (which I have a feeling will come in handy at first), a TV, DVD player, PS2, and a few other small (yet sentimental) possessions. Everything is going into my car (an 01 4 dr Saturn SL1)

My questions are…

How soon should I look for an apartment/job? I was thinking 6 months in advance, start apartment hunting by making phone calls and taking a week off to go down there and check them out… and about 1-3 months in advance of job hunting. I don’t mind working odd jobs at first.

How much should I save? Since I am “traveling light”, I plan on saving anywhere from $3K-$5K (target $4K) to move… you know, in case I can’t find a job when I first get there (what an economy! woo!)

Any/all advice you all can provide me would be MUCH MUCH appreciated. I will be glad to clarify/follow-up as needed.

Administrator answers:

San Antonio is a place where salary’s can be low, I suggested to look for job first or save a lot before you move in, In which area you like to live? Are you urban or suburban? I recommend to look in the local newspaper before you move to the Texan heat.

David asks…

Im moving to San Antonio, TX with in the next two months. Where should i live? etc.?

Me and my fiance are moving to texas next month or in april. We both have never ben there but hear employment is a lot better and rent is cheaper too. We are wondering where are the best places to live in San Antonio? How good is the employment? We would like a place where crime rate is low and near the bus station or some where near public transportation. We only have one car. We are also wondering if apartments will rent to us knowing we are both unemployed? We are going to start to apply at jobs a week before we get there but would like an apartment when we arrive. I know relocating is tough, we are moving from California (central coast) to Texas. But any tips will take in. We are pretty much doing this on our own and take in any advice. We both have great employment history and dont think finding a job will be too hard, well we hope. So if anyone could help us, we will greatly appreciate it. Thanks!!!!!!

Administrator answers:

AT&T Center

Mary asks…

nice places to live in San Antonio, TX?

I am getting ready to move with my family to San Antonio. It is a sudden thing, so we have to find a nice place VERY soon. My husband has been there once a few years ago and he really liked the area around UTSA. How is that area now? Would you reccommend any apartments out there? I know the Northeast side is the best, so I’m looking for a nice complex…2 bedroom/2 bath flat for UNDER $750. We have to stay close to the airport.

I have been looking at Oakwell Springs and Foxfire. Are they decent living for a young family with a newborn?

Administrator answers:

The area around UTSA is nice and there are some nice apartments available in the range you mention as it is close to the university.

Of the apartments you mention I am only aware of Oakwell Springs. This is close to the airport but it is also directly on Loop 410 which will increase your traffic noise.

Another area you might consider is along the northern part of Harry Wurzbach (avoid older complexes unless recently remodeled) This would keep you in the same area, but get you off Loop 410, still in the Oakwell Farms area. Or consider looking along the Nacogdoches area just inside Loop 410 going into Alamo Heights, try for apartments in the 78209 zipcode. This will be a liitle higher cost, but better crime statistics.

Overall, most of the north side is OK, but watch out for addresses on the major freeways as, again, the road noise will be greater.

Welcome to San Antonio!

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