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Your Questions About Apartments In San Antonio Tx

December 19, 2012

Helen asks…

Apartments on Dezavala and Spring time st San Antonio TX?

There are these apartments on springtime street and dezavala. i think its by s school, i may be wrong. but you turn into them and there is a long drive way into the apartments. whats the name of these apartments?

Administrator answers:

The ones by the skatepark right? I pass them pretty much every day and can honestly say I don’t think there’s a sign. Or at least not one off De Zavala. I did a search but could not find them. Their address, might not be on Springtime but on the street that separates the houses from the apartments. Try doing an apartment rental search (ex. by map. There are actually a few apartments there (or did they consolidate them under one name?). Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

William asks…

Can we get out of our apartment lease?

We recently moved to San Antonio, TX and we actually are thinking about moving back home, to the small town we cam from. We went to visit and have found out that my father is very ill and it looks like he’ll be needing some help. My stepmother works a lot and they barely make ends meet with the both of them working. It worries me and I feel like we should move back, but we did sign a one year lease and I don’t want to break it, especially because my mom co-signed for us. What can we do?

Administrator answers:

Most of what you posted in unfortunate and I’m sorry – but it has absolutely no bearing on your lease.

You signed a legally binding contract. You must stay or pay the penalties to break your lease. Read your lease, it should state what your penalties are.

Those are your only 2 options.

Others on here will tell you to sublet – but be VERY careful. That is typically illegal and anyone that takes over your lease must be screened and approved by the landlord.

Carol asks…

is harry wurzbach area in san antonio tx considered unsafe?

my family and i will be relocating for a year to this area. I know nothing about san antonio and now someone is telling me its considered an unsafe area? Im pretty scared now cos i have young kids! Please say it isnt so?
thank you, no actually we will not be living on the base but in a normal apartment on harry w. near the walmart apparantly.

Administrator answers:

The Landing apartments has gone down and also the Northern Garden Apartments. The rest of the apartments in that area are nice as far as I know. OH Yes, Aspen Chase Apartments have crooked management. They use to be on Ft Sam’s Sh!t List years ago. Apartment Locator / Guides / Finders will help out a lot.

Chris asks…

What can be done about this drug dealer?

This guy, my neighbor, is a major drug dealer! The apartment manager does not care! What can I do to clean this place up?
Fidel Briones
4210 Fredericksburg Rd…#D-307, San Antonio, TX-78201

Administrator answers:

Call the cops.

Joseph asks…

So I’m moving to another state but i need to find an apartment first ?

I’m moving from Memphis TN to San Antonio TX and before I don’t that i wanna make sure I have a signed lease apartment there for me to move in. Would I be able to do that? Or would I have to be here in person to do the paperwork? If it was just me, myself, I wouldn’t have a problem with stay with family for a couple of days but it’s 5 other people coming with me, as in my spouse and children. Any information would help thank you

Administrator answers:

I have done this.

What I did was posted an ad on craigslist.
I was specific that I wanted a week by week rental in a furnish place…that I just needed the time to find a place on a more permanent basis, so I didn’t want to be committed to anything longer than week to week while I looked.

I would not sign a lease for any place sight unseen. That is a really bad idea.

Most landlords will not sign up a tenant without meeting them first. The sort of place you could end up with isn’t a good place. Take your time to be sure the place you live long term is a place you want to live.

Ken asks…

What was the last floor you pressed the lift button to?

The ground floor of my the apartment block I stay in.

Administrator answers:

23-at a hotel in San Antonio, TX

Mark asks…

Can anybody tell me about the Cliffs on Whitby in San Antonio Texas?

I will be moving to texas soon and was wondering about this apartment complex, the neighborhood etc.

Administrator answers:

Looks like a good place as they got 4.7 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews:

Mary asks…

Is there any way to get cable tv without a contract?

I am subleasing an apartment for 3 months this summer in San Marcos, TX and wanted to know if there was any way to get cable for JUST those three months.. Are there any non-contract cable providers in that area, or any [legal] options?
Well we get both Time Warner and Grande out here, just so ya know.

Administrator answers:

Actually Grande Communications is the local cable company for San Marcos.

Here’s their info

Grande Communications
900 Bugg Lane
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 878-4600

I am in San Antonio and deal with them all the time about carriage of my station . . . . . .

Lizzie asks…

Does anyone know any information on the abandoned Insane Asylum in San Antonio, TX?

I have lived in SA my whole life, but it never occured to me. Now I need some information on it.

Administrator answers:

It’s on the southside of town. Cleaned up now and an apartment stands where it used to be.

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