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December 25, 2012

David asks…

Someone who lives/lived in San Antonio, Tx, cost of living?

I am planning on moving there, and this will be my first time moving out of my parents house. What is a rough estimate on how much you usually spend on utilities, food, and the essential amenities monthly. I just need an estimate to know what to expect so I can try to plan a budget. Thank you =)

Administrator answers:

One bedroom DECENT and spacious apartments in san antonio (they have REALLY cheap ones too) are about $600-$700/month. You can probably pay $500/month for an efficiency.

Umm prices aren’t very inflated, I’d say you need about $200/month for groceries and other necessities but if you are very minimal and only buy things you REALLY need then it could be a lot less than that.

I lived in San Marcos which is about 5 minutes from San Antonio. San Antonio is a big city but probably the cheapest big city. (Austin, Dallas, Houston… Way more expensive).

If you have any more questions you can email me …

Sandra asks…

How much should I save to relocate?

I am a single woman, no kids. Planning on moving from NYC to SA TX

I do not have a job already secured, how much money should I save up to move?

Administrator answers:

Enough to cover:
3 months expenses
Apartment and bill deposits (cable, phone, internet, electricity, etc.)
The cost of physically moving (movers, u-haul rental)

Save up as much as you can. The cost of living is lower in San Antonio, but so are the wages. It would be best to have a job lined up before moving especially to get approved for apartment leasing; they look at income, credit score and job status.

John asks…

My son was reliesed from Federal prison to a halfway house in May of this yr. He served 4 years for bank robb

ery. He’s about to be reliesed from the halfway house in a few day’s. Our problem is that we have been trying to find him a house or Apt. to rent, but everyplace we try runs a background check, and with his background, were having alot of difficulty. Does anyone around the San Antonio Tx. area know of any resourses that help these people try to find a decent place to live so they can return to society and try to live a normal life?

Administrator answers:

Try finding an apartment or housing that is privately owned. Try doing a search on craigslist – here’s a link to the one in San Antonio. Http:// There’s a whole section for housing. Some ads people just rent out rooms – this would probably be less money and would give your son a chance to get back on his feet.

Best of luck to you and your son – Julie

Robert asks…

How Do You Rent A House?

Okay so most ppl should know but I’m only 20 and never had to deal with this. I don’t have anyone I can really ask. So how does it work? I’ve had apart.s but I know renting is diff. So can someone kinda break it down? I live in San Antonio, Tx if it makes a diff?
Oh yeah, I plan on renting a house with my gf.

Administrator answers:

Renting a house is really the same as renting an apartment… With a few exceptions.

1)You’re usually responsible for electricity, heat, hot water, etc… You may not be in an apartment.

2) You may be responsible for some property upkeep… Snow, grass, etc…

3)Its more expensive then renting an apartment.

Other than that..its the same really. Good luck to you!

Mark asks…

i am moving to san antonio tx from NY. how much is the average cost for a electrcity bill for a 1 bedroom apt?

it is a really small apartment( 460 sq ft). I a typically keep the ac at 78 throughout the year or off completely. How much do you pay and big is your place?

Administrator answers:

Ah your LEAVING NY so you’ll be saving lots of money no matter how much it costs you !!

Maria asks…

How much money on average should I have aside to rent an apartment in Texas?

Administrator answers:

Start with researching the community in which you want to live and the type of apartment you’re interested in occupying. Be prepared for a credit check and background check. Many landlords require first and last month’s rent plus a security deposit (the laws on what that can be vary from state to state, so you’ll want to search Texas landlord/tenant law). So right there is three months’ rent before you’ve even moved in.

Apartments will cost incredibly varying amounts within TX… An apartment in downtown San Antonio will be more expensive than one in Terrell, for instance. You need to do some legwork.

Joseph asks…

Joining the navy after highschool but i want to stay with my GF?

Ok so im a senior in high school and im in a very dedicated relationship with my Girlfriend after i graduate im enlisting into the Navy. Me and my girlfriend have talked a lot about living together and i wanna know whats the best way to go about making that happen if im in the Navy.

Administrator answers:

Once you enlist, complete bootcamp and A school, and find out where you’re going to be stationed, you can let her know so she can move to where you’re going to be stationed.

There are a few options for where you’ll be stationed. It will be San Diego, Hawaii, Virginia, San Antonio, TX, it could be oversees too. You’ll have to see. But once you know for sure, you can let her know and she can get an apartment for the two of you and attend school while you’re either on deployment on working.

Be careful though, not to move to quickly like starting a family too young. That can cause a lot of unnecessary stress on you two since you’re both young. Enjoy the time, let it be an adventure for you both, and make sure she understands that while you want her with you, it’s important that she does her own thing with school to further her goals.

My brother is going into his 2nd year into the Navy.

Good luck and God Bless :)

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