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June 26, 2012

Carol asks…

How are the Mesa Ridge Apartments in San Antonio, TX?

I have lived in NY all my life but I am about to relocate to Texas because of my job. I am just wondering which apartment is good in San Antonio area.

Administrator answers:

I know someone that used to live there. He said that was a very nice place to live. You can also check the ratings of apartments at

Donald asks…

Any opinions on Sherril Oaks Apartments in San Antonio, TX?

what is it like at these apts.

Administrator answers:

Try this:

Thomas asks…

Which are some subsidized apartments in San Antonio,Tx?

Just wondering, I have a friend who can not afford where
she is staying at and she works full time. Does anyone have a list?
I would appreciate your help.

Administrator answers:

Yeah, the housing authority has a list. They can tell her which, if any, she qualifies for.

Linda asks…

Apartments in San Antonio TX?

I will be moving to San Antonio, TX in August. I would like to find a luxury apartment (prefer pool) in the downtown area (walking distance to river walk, the alamo, etc.) What is this area of the town called so I can search better for example on Craigs list under the apartment search? Or any apartment name recommendations for the area I am looking for?

Administrator answers:

Here is a great site where you will be able to find exactly what you were looking for:

Good Luck!

Mandy asks…

I’m looking for apartments in san antonio, tx under $400 dollar, all bills paid, and pet friendly.?

I know it’s really hard to find, but does anyone know any?

I’m trying to move out wit my fiance and these are the sort of apartments he’s looking for.

Administrator answers:

Yeah I’m sure you can find that cheap but you would be renting in the hood, and it would not be a safe area. Depending what kind of dog you have alot of apartment won’t allow dogs. You would be safer looking for something around 700.00

Helen asks…

What are some good neighborhoods/apartments in San Antonio, TX?

Administrator answers:

There are good neighborhoods and apartments in many parts of the city, and the Metropolitan area is over 7,000 sq miles. If you give some idea of your needs, such as a part of the city you are interested in, or if you have children who will attend public schools, it would be easier to provide better information. We all are likely to think our own area is nice, as in most cases we chose to live in that area.

With the amount of road construction currently affecting San Antonio, and fuel prices, it can be beneficial to live near the area where you will work or spend most of your time. However, if you have school age children, some school districts perform better than others. There are also areas with more developed shopping and restaurants.

Do you want to be close to the downtown area, or out in the more suburban areas?

Sandra asks…

Apartments in san antonio tx?

Where is the safest place to live in san antonio and the cost of living there? Is it cheaper to rent an apartment or a house? What are the best high schools that have a strong art program?

Administrator answers:

There are thousands of Apt. Complexes all over town begging for tenants…some have good deals. Try to stay outside loop 410 and on the north or northwest sides. I think John Marshall and Oliver Wendell Holmes high schools are the best and both are in good areas near Leon Valley on the northwest side. You can google the schools to check them out. Good luck.

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