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February 26, 2013

David asks…

Anyone know where a great place to stay in san antonio TX. ?

hey im moving to san antonio but gonna haveta stay in a hotel till i find a house so anyone know a good extened stay place? anyone know a real esteste person that deal with miltray ppl? opr anyone know anything that could help me? im miltary family 2 toddler kids. plus of course me and my hubby.
Im going to be on leave when we first get to san antonio so cant stay in tla not and come out my own pocket they always cost to mucg lol. we got 2 weeks but he might sign in early depends on how we doing at that time. everytime he email his sponser we get some vegue answer and he say wait to u get here bout everything lol

Administrator answers:

The base you’re going to should be able to help you out with that. When you arrive, you can stay in TLF (temporary living facilities) on base. They should have a housing office that helps you find apartments or houses in your price range. If you have a sponsor there, they can also help. San Antonio is big, and growing! There will probably be new stuff there that wasn’t there when I visited last week.

Sharon asks…

anyone heard a the robert e lee apartments in san antonio?

i hear its haunted anyone know of this

Administrator answers:

What do you want to know about it?

Robert E Lee Apartments
111 W Travis St
San Antonio, TX
(210) 354-1611

Susan asks…

Im looking for an apartment in the southside of san antonio…?

Im looking for an affordable apartment in the southside of S.A, im moving back home very soon and i need help. I live in georgia so its really hard to find something. does any of you know of a place?

Administrator answers:

I think you would have an easier time renting a house on the southside just all depends by what part since the southside is growing very fast….Rentals in South San Antonio Sort by: Price: Lowest to HighestPrice: Highest to LowestApartmentsHousesCondos/Townhouses

Bed: Studio—2
Bath: 1 Pollyanna
San Antonio, TX 78214
Neighborhood: South San Antonio
“Convenient Downtown Location… Access to three major highways”

Bed: 1—2
Bath: 1—2 Salem Creek
San Antonio, TX 78221
Neighborhood: South San Antonio
“Basketball court”

Bed: 1—3
Bath: 1—2 South Point Apartment
San Antonio, TX 78223
Neighborhood: South San Antonio, Southeast San Antonio
“On the Via bus line… All Bills Paid… Close to downtown”

Bed: 1—3
Bath: 1—2 Costa Cadiz
San Antonio, TX 78222
Neighborhood: South San Antonio
“Brand New Apartment Homes…Fully Equipped Kitchens, Garden Style Soaking Tubs…Fantastic Clubhouse, 24-Hour Fitness Facility”

Bed: 1—3
Bath: 1—2 Rosemont at University Park
San Antonio, TX 78221
Neighborhood: South San Antonio
“Luxury living at an affordable rate…Service you expect with comforts you deserve…Programs to promote a better way if living…”

this is what i got sorry i didnt have time to get the phone numbers.

Maria asks…

San Antonio, TX. What are the more desirable areas to live near this city?

Clean, safe, quiet. I’m house hunting. Thanks for your answers!

Administrator answers:

That which is called the San Antonio Metropolitan Area is 7, 340.5 sq. Miles, and includes all or part of 8 counties. 16 cities and several small towns and residential communities. The metropolitan statistical area has a population of approximately 2 million people and increased 2.8% from 2005-2006. The North Central area of San Antonio is the most rapidly developing area growing between 50-60% based on census estimates (includes parts of Comal County) Current projections indicate San Antonio will increase in population by approximately 1 million people in the next 20 years.
Average home is between $100,000-$160,000 with the largest number of these houses (65%) being 2-3 bedroom homes.
There are many fine parts of the area and there are many factors which help determine what area of the city you would want to live. These include where you work, any family in the area, other activities and of course (my families most important consideration) the school districts. Every part of the city is developing rapidly except currently the east side. Therefore housing is plentiful and for the most part affordable in the city, Downtown has mostly condos, and apartments with a few houses which are either in need of refurbishing or in the very pricey but lovely King William District. Just south of Downtown is South town which is having a redevelopment phase with trendy restaurants and new condos going in. Unfortunately the San Antonio ISD which covers those areas is not as successful as some of the others. Just north of Downtown you have Monte Vista again a Historic District with older homes. Alamo Heights is a nice area near Fort San Houston, the homes are for the most part older but the area is well maintained and remains desireable and the housing prices reflect that. The Alamo Heights School District is quite competitive. South San Antonio has several new housing areas going in, this is an area of town that has long needed new growth, but it will be some time before the school districts catch up. The East side has a crime issue as well as the East Central Schools do not perform well. The west side and Northwest is growing rapidly. This area has a lot of development around Sea World and the Fiesta Texas Area, and includes the South Texas Medical Center. The Northside School District is the largest and one of the two best performing school districts in the MSA. In this area there are some small areas to watch for, but for the most part it is a great place to live and has great access to Lackland Air Force Base. The Northeast portion of San Antonio is another area with overall nice housing. There again are some areas better avoided, but for the most part it is a great area with lots of development. Major shopping centers and restaurants, and the new Stone Oak Medical complex being developed in the area. The North East ISD is another of the best performing school districts. (My wife and I chose our current house based upon the combination of the best performing schools in the city being in the 1604/281 area). Other nice areas are Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne, Comal County, Schertz, and there are some nice small towns south of the city. There is a new High school opening in the North East ISD near 1604/281 this year which should only improve things in this area.

Wherever you chose to live, San Antonio is a wonderful and, for the most part, friendly city.


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Welcome to San Antonio!!

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