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June 9, 2013

Donna asks…

What’s rent like in San Antonio, TX?

Yeah just moved here, looking for an apartment. Nothing fancy, just like a 1bedroom studio. What kinda monthly rent would I be looking at? Any contact information would be great too.

Administrator answers:

Go to……

Laura asks…

I’m looking for great, not common, places to take photos in and aroudn San Antonio, TX – any ideas?

Administrator answers:

There is an old run-down cement plant that has been closed for years now. It’s close to home on Wurzbach Pkwy between Perrin Beitel and Thousand Oaks called Longhorn Cement Factory (now closed) They have some old smoke stacks from the 1800′s that look awesome in a black and white picture. There is some structures in there too that are really aged…they too look good in black and white. I have
18 X 24 black and white framed pictures in my apartment living room.

You could go to Comanche Lookout Park on Nacogdoches @ Judson Rd. It is so beautiful there. There is a lot of nice things (nature) to take pictures of. You can go up the trail and take pictures of the view from up there. It’s a 3/4 mile long trail.

Selma/Garden Ridge/Shertz, TX are 3 little towns (in Bexar County) that are super clean and still have old buildings and structures that are empty, but are nice to take pictures.

Crownridge Park near I-10 and LaCantera has nature trails, art features, and beautiful sights

If you have more time, go to Canyon Lake and take some pictures there…that’s another beautiful place near San Antonio. Canyon Lake is in the middle of San Antonio and Austin…you can either take I-35 or 281. I always take I-35, it takes a little longer but the sights along the way are beautiful once you exit 35.

Susan asks…

VICTORIA, TX —> What are the newest/most luxury/ most expensive apartments in Victoria? I am moving there.?

I don’t care how much I have to spend on a newer apartment… please list a few of the nicest places to stay in Victoria. Also, what are the “nice” areas in town?
please refrain for the non-helpful replies like that first one… i’m in a hurry. please & thank you

Administrator answers:

Victoria only has 60,000 people in it. Don’t expect to much luxury. Contact a realtor or look on line but I am telling you you will not find anything like you will find in a large city. Do not expect everything you would find in San Antonio or Houston. You may want to see the city first. This is a small town.

Ruth asks…

anybody know of cheap moving men in san antonio,tx?

moving stuff out of an apartment to another. most charge 85 a hr i was looking for something cheaper

Administrator answers:

I moved a 1 bedroom apartment worth of furniture a few years ago using Half Price Movers and it ran me $130 total to move from the I10/Callaghan area out to the country in the Adkins/Lavernia area. Obviously it’s been a few years and I’m sure costs have increased due fuel increases. Give them a call and they can usually do a quote over the phone. A+ service. I highly recommend

Thomas asks…

How do I deal with my apartment complex?

I recently renewed the lease on my apartment in San Antonio, Tx. Because I renewed, I was promised a free carpet cleaning. Well, I finally took advantage and scheduled the cleaning last week. The guy shows up, and in about 15 minutes is “finished.” He leaves a huge MESS behind! All he did was soak down the carpet..there was no “cleaning” done. It actually looked WORSE than before. There was also a strong wet dirt smell left behind. I went up to the office to ask if he would come back and do the job right, and all I got was the runaround. He never came back, so I took it upon myself to hire a PROFESSIONAL to come in and take care of it. I had to pay $165 out of my own pocket to get it done. I think my complex should either reimburse me, OR just knock $165 off next month’s rent. I saved the invoice and took it to the apartment manager the next day, where she flat out told me that they never reimburse for things like carpet cleaning. What steps do I take now? I am so fed up with the way I’m being treated. I’ve been a good tenant for almost 3 years and I can’t believe they are jerking me around on a tiny issue like this. Can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

You should not have gotten your own cleaning done. What you can do now is write a letter to the management, give specifics of where in the lease it says this is provided, what the guy did when he did come out, and what you had to do to fix the problem, and what your request is (reimbursement). Point out that you have been a great tenant for three years. They should know exactly what the vendor did that they hired. I know it seems that they dont care, and they may not.

Mail your letter to the highest person at the company, even the owner if you can, cc the manager, do not drop it off. If anything comes up you have the letter. You may never see that $165.00 again, sorry, but go above the person you’ve been dealing with.

Mandy asks…

Wheres an affordable place in San Antonio, Tx to live?

I’m looking for a one bedroom apartment that’s in a decent area, and not too far away from of apartment etc. THANKS ;)

Administrator answers:

I live in Woodhill apartments on Woodstone Drive. It’s pretty much in a great area, it’s easily accessible to I-10 & is close to a shopping area. It’s very cheap too, I know that a 1 bedroom apartment can cost $400. I live in a 2 bedroom townhome here & pay $725.

I’ve lived in a few apartments in San Antonio since I’ve lived here & this is definitely one that I’m pleased with. It’s a HUGE apartment complex and has great amenities. Plus the people in the office are very welcoming & aren’t assholes or anything.

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