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June 15, 2013

Mandy asks…

do anyone know any apartments that have a two bedroom avaiable?

for public housing in san antonio,tx

Administrator answers:

Laura asks…

Have a job offering in either Austin or Irving TEXAS… which city is better to live in?

I haven´t been to any of these two cities, in fact, I just know San Antonio and Mc Allen, TX.

Which of these two cities would you reccomend to live in… I really have no idea and both offerings are quite the same and interesting.

Any help would be great!

Thanks to eesha… your answer is really helpful… and to everyone else who answered…. I think I am preferring Asutin until know… :)
Thanks, Megs, really helpful!! True!!
Irving does pay more… but Austin seems beter offer for living…

Administrator answers:

Austin is definitely the more “trendy” of the two cities. The atmosphere in Austin is wonderful and the music is amazing. There is not much to do in Irving, however Dallas is only 15 minutes away and Fort Worth is about 30 minutes away and there is plenty to do in both of those cities. I wouldn’t necessarily advise living in Irving though Las Colinas is right next door and a much better area as far as apartments or housing is concerned. Austin is wonderful but also extremely pricey!! A friend of mine is a teacher in Irving and loves it but she also is making a lot more money because she is bilingual… I don’t know what the difference in salary is between the two though. Don’t know if that helped at all!! Good luck with your decision.

David asks…

Change hometowns?

I currently live in San Antonio, TX , 20 year old college student and am thinking about moving somewhere far, either California or the northeast, preferably Boston. Of course i’ll need money, but how would go about getting set before i move, like how to get a apartment or secure a job before i move? It’s really far away and i would imagine it would be sort of difficult.

Administrator answers:

First you need a job. Just apply for those. After you get a job that pays enough you can start calling realtors (that work in apartments) and try to secure an apartment, perhaps travel out there on a weekend and sign the deal. You go to a bunch of apartments (within your $ range) and pick the best one.
Then you have to rent a long range UHAUL and pack all your stuff up, and drive to your new locale, unload in your new apartment and start your new job.
Just don’t get fired.

Daniel asks…

i am 17 and i want to to get an apartment?

what do i need to get one?i live in san antonio tx

Administrator answers:

No one legit will rent an apartment to a minor. You must be 18 to sign a lease. A parent cosigning one will not help unless your parent is actually living in the unit with you.

Along with being an adult, you also need to have a job and proof that you can afford the apartment. Living on your own isn’t just paying for rent. You also need money for utilities, cable/internet if you choose to have it, groceries, renter’s insurance, car insurance, probably a car payment. San Antonio has a fairly low cost of living, but it’s going to be next to impossible for you at 17 and probably not even out of high school to be able to afford an apartment.

Lisa asks…

I will be moving to San Antonio Texas.?

I am moving to San Antonio Tx next year from Florida although I love Florida it is not a place to live but visit. So I decided to move to Texas and I would like to know where is a good apartment in a good neighborhood that isn’t to costly? I am looking at three apartments now. 1. Oakwell Springs, 2. Sundance Apt, 3. The Abbey at Medical Center. All these places seem like good places to live there but I would like someones opinion on these or if you know a better place I can check out. Thank you and have a nice day.

Administrator answers:

Go with the one in the Medical center! Great area, traffic is a little congested there in the mornings and evenings but hey where isnt it congested!
I’ve lived at Lincoln green and liked them, no negative things to say :) Its off of Braesview dr

Jenny asks…

Apartment finding help please!!!?

My fiance and I are trying to look for an apartment to rent since we will be moving in together while I go to college. The problem is, we have a rottweiler, and most apartments do not allow “aggressive” breeds..even with insurance. Can someone give me some hope or tell me of any good apartments you know of near San Antonio, TX that will allow my dog. I just don’t think breeds should be discriminated against. My dog is the sweetest boy in the world, but just because he’s a rottweiler, people always get the wrong impression.

Administrator answers:

Rotties are on the dangereous breeds list and require you to bond the animal, it will run around 1000 a year.

Even with the bond you still need a place that takes dogs over 100 pounds, and that will require a house, not an apartment.

Richard asks…

In San Antonio,Tx what is the time limit on a eviction notice? to move out?

Just recently received my first eviction notice and must apear in court July 3rd.Its a (Forcible Detainer Notice)

Administrator answers:

Go to court and find out why you are being evicted. Is it because of non-payment? You’ll get 10 days on top of whatever the date is after July 3rd. I got evicted once because my 8 year old son decided to have a campfire on the gulf course near our apartment while I was on the toliet. I mean I am in the bathroom for 20 minutes and this kid is building a campfire with rocks in a circle and paper in the middle, anyway, I took pictures to show where it was and how it couldn’t possibly have started a fire beyond the guarded rocks. The judge was very understanding and he gave me 30 days so I could find a new place. When I said I was in the process of looking for a new house, he even told me that if my house mortgage didn’t make in 30 days to come back and he’d give me another 30 days. I got out in 29 days and the judge told me I didn’t have to pay the 30 days nor did I have to worry about my contract. So it all depends on your circumstances. I actually rented out a house once that the guy didn’t pay me for 3 months. I almost lost my house, so the judge evicted him and his wife cursed my baby. People are so weird. (Yes,it was the 8 year old boy who was 6 months at that time.) Damn the O ho

Nancy asks…

Moving to San Antonio and want to rent a loft/apartment downtown (allows small dog)?

Administrator answers:

I would definitely ask a Realtor — they would be the best help. I don’t know where you are, but the Carvajal Group in Austin TX is great. Their address is

Best of luck in everything!

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