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Your Questions About Apartments In San Antonio Tx

July 10, 2012

William asks…


Im trying to find a apartment thats furnished in San Antonio, tx near Fort Sam Houston, Tx everyone that i have found all i keep hearing in reviews is that there BAD!! Im from California so im not sure what are the good areas.. if anyone could help me out maybe you knw of a good apt complex that has furnished apts that would be great!! thank you <3 my buget is under 800 a month for a one bedroom..

Administrator answers:

You want good areas? I would try the following zip codes: 78229 (medical center), 78230, 78240, 78249. Go to and type in those zip codes and you can even narrow down your search so you search within your budget or for specifics like washer/dryer included, garages available, etc. Then check out the apartments that you’re interested on and see what everyone else has to say.

I don’t know if this link is going to work, but it should lead you to all the available furnished apartments in san antonio.


If it doesn’t work, go to, in the search box, click on “advanced search” and type in “San Antonio, TX” and check the box that says “furnished available”

James asks…

are there ANY apartments in san antonio tx that allow pit bulls?

iv heard of places in austin that do and have even had ppl tell me they’ve heard of place in SA that do. but i have yet to find ONE. also, do duplexes even have any pet restrictions? b/c all the ones iv looked up dont say anything about it…

Administrator answers:

I’m having a similar problem but in the LA area and its not because of my dog’s breed but of his size. He’s a medium sized dog, who will be a bit over the 40lb limit that most places impose. I’ve seemed to have gotten better responses to those who have met my pup when I go to look at the apt. Take your dog with you and show the manager/landlord that its not a bad dog.

Sandra asks…

is boradway plcae apartment san antonio tx 78217 in a safe place?

how safe is it i am from a hicktown in michigan and moving to san antonio tx in june 2008

Administrator answers:

The crime risk in that zipcode (according to crime statistics) is higher than the San Antonio and Texas average, and much higher than the national average. The area shows a particularly higher risk of Murder, Rape, And Property crimes.

The area is in the area north of Loop 410 which is normally desirable, but that particular zone has a more significant issue with criminal activity.

I would advise looking further north, or inside Loop 410 in the Alamo Heights area. Unfortunately, the rents will be higher in those areas.

Jenny asks…

All Bills Paid Apartments In SAN ANTONIO, Tx???

Can Some One Out There Give Me A List Of Nice All Bills Paid Apartments In The Greater San Antonio Area Or Maybe At Least “Electric” Paid….Thanx

Administrator answers:

Here is a list for you to check out!


Robert asks…

Any opinions on Calcasicu Apartments in San Antonio, TX?

i am planning on applying for an apartment and i want an honest opinion before i throw down my deposit and application fee money.

Administrator answers:

Please find somewhere else.

Charles asks…

Pit friendly apartments in SAN ANTONIO, TX?

I plan on moving out by the end of summer and need a place that allows pitbulls. I’ve seen pits in sum apt complex that say they’re not allowed. So if i have to I’ll keep my pit a secret but i prefer not to. My pit is in training to become a service dog but he’s still to young to be certified so will that help at all? If anyone knows of any places on the NE side of san antonio tx plz let me know ASAP! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Heres a list of places that allow all dogs in SA town! I live in the area u re looking! Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

how can i find reviews on apartments in san antonio,tx?

Administrator answers:

Use That’s how I found my place in San Antonio.

Lisa asks…

where are some cheap apartments in San Antonio, TX?

im looking for a place to live for a little while and i dont really wanna pay over 500 so is there a place around 300 for a month or 400

Administrator answers:

You should be able to find some places around that price on Craigslist.

Ken asks…

What are some websites that i could use to find apartments for rent in downtown san antonio, tx?

I’m looking for preferably a loft but anything to get me going will do.

Administrator answers:

Access the classified ads online from the local newspaper in San Antonio. It is usually organized by areas and if the price isn’t published then you can call the phone number ask all the questions in order to set an appointment.

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