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July 19, 2013

Carol asks…

Moving To Texas NEED HELP!!

Me and a friend have plans to move to San Antonio, Texas in october and I was just wondering how much would you recommend that we have saved up before moving from ohio? Also i’m worried about not being able to afford it when we are already down there! This will be our first time living on our own. Would anyone know of any website or anything I could search for apartments and jobs? Also I was wondering about the income tax in texas I heard there was no income tax down there? For bills i have included electricity, rent, cell phone, car payment, car insurance, gas, and groceries. Is there anything i forgot about? What is San Antonio, TX like?

Administrator answers:

San antonio is an amazing place to stay with tons of funs things to do like sea world, six flags,riverwalk,alamo,shopping,dining,muesuems, tons of entertainment

but its a very expensive place to go for vacation i wouldnt try to stay in the city limits try a suburb maybe about 10 miles or so outside
try for ideas

there is no state income tax in texas that is correct

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