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Your Questions About Apartments In San Antonio Tx

August 8, 2013

Betty asks…

what are the top ten cheapest cities to live in the us?

Administrator answers:

We talk about big cities.

Spokane, WA, you can get under $300 for one bedroom apartment.
San antonio, TX
ft worth
louisvalle, KY
detroit, MI
cleveland, OH
pittiburg, PA
memphis, TN

George asks…

Question for people living in San Antonio, TX…..?

I was wondering if anyone can tell me an average of what one would pay in electric bill monthly on a resident…. realistically very important Thanks.

Administrator answers:

My parents own a big home there so the electricity runs around $200 and my cousin, who is a resident at an apartment complex, runs around $80-$95 during the summer and $110-$145 during winter.

Ken asks…

question about apartment living in san antonio texas??

my husband and is renting a two bed room 2 bath apartment we have 2 kids sharing a room im due with our 3rd in 5 weeks ..we are going to finish our lease im just wondering .. can i renew for another 12 months ?? long can we stay in a 2 bedroom with 2 toddlers and a child under the age one ???

Administrator answers:

In the state of TX once a child is over 2years old he/she MUST have their own room. BUT also if you look into renter’s rights in TX you’l see that it won’t go against you to upgrade in the middle of a lease. Make sure they are going to have an upgrade available though…

2 kids over age 2 CAN share a room if they are of the same sex, or within a year of age from each other. If you want more info just search for Renter’s Rights in TX

Mary asks…

HELP!!! Moving to TX…Dallas VS San Antonio?!?

Relocating to Texas and I can either move to Dallas or San Antonio. My husband and I are mid to late 20′s with a 3yr old. Were looking for the pro’s and con’s on both cities. Good area’s to raise a family but still be in an area that offers us plenty to do. Looking for CLEAN, safe areas, yet not a small town.

Can someone tell me why Dallas seems to be a nicer city? All the research I’ve done shows more bang for your buck as far as apartments go…Is everything in Dallas nicer?

What about weather and landscape?…whats the difference between the two cities?

Thank you for your help!

Administrator answers:

Dallas is a much better and place that is expected to grow fastest. Also, Dallas is a much better planned city. San Antonio is an older but nicer city … But as far as opportunities are concerned, Dallas cannot be beaten. Houses at unbelievable prices … In places like Frisco, Irving, Allen etc. A 3000 sft homes available for incredible prices … Under $100K ,… Some of them.

Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington makes up for a large city. Unlike other major cities this planning helps in much lower driving times in comparison with all major cities including Houston.

Jobs are plentiful in Dallas and future it is expected to increase, whether blue or white collar work. Weather is much more milder in comparison to the heat in San Antonio. Hispanic population is not as large as in San Antonio, which for the way they drive is a big difference.

Joseph asks…

Appartments in san antonio for a single mother of 3?

my aunt is having a rough time with money cuz her husband cant manage it at all and he wont sell his fucking salon… anyways… she needs a nice and safe appartment and kinda cheap please… and id like it to be in the 78240 zip code… so yeah… help?

Administrator answers:

Dove Tree Apartments 4515 Gardendale, San Antonio, TX 78240
For Information Call-210-341-1222

John asks…

I’m looking for Terry Como owner of Performance Service from San Antonio,TX?

Terry is from New York. He has lived and worked in S.A. for approx. 20 yrs.

Administrator answers:

Found two listings:

TERRY COMO – Born Nov 1954
(210) 479-6948
Recorded 5/17/2001

TERRY COMO – Born 1954
SAN ANTONIO, TX 78216 County
Recorded: 10/06/2004

The address on Triplett St. Is for the Performance Center.
Performance Center
1227 Triplett St
San Antonio, TX 78216-2853
(210) 545-4426

The address on BRAESVIEW is the location for a large apartment complex with about 100 tenants, so I suspect that’s the right one for his residence.

Susan asks…

Young 20 year old lady moving to Texas….Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio?

I am currently a young, black, 20 year old college student, and I plan to move to Texas in a year or two. I’m getting a jump start on information because college will be ending before I know it, and I want to have it all together. My question is: Where is the best place to live….Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio?? Why? Please keep these factors in mind when answering:,, 3.very nice apartments, lol, and 5.where there is good diversity (i don’t want a place that’s bombarded by just one race ya know? I need some variety in my life lol). Thank you soooooo much for the answers! :)

Administrator answers:

Richardson, TX (just North of Dallas) is diverse, has low crime, good schools and a good job market. All that and it’s a matter of pride here to be friendly to people, especially new people. I’ve included some links to help you with your city search.


Richardson, TX is a member of the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), and has 4 DART Light Rail Stations.

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