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August 7, 2012

Thomas asks…

Felony Friendly Apartments in san antonio tx?

Administrator answers:

Good day,
Consider smaller and older apt complexes. You can be honest with the rental personal. Its costly to run background checks ( and most don’t), consider going through apt finders or something like that.
Sometimes honest is the best..if your felony was years ago, non violent, and you’ve been law-free for x amount of years..If your just getting out into the free world…get a good recommendation from your job and probation officer, family and friends, past rental history and any letters of reference you can come up with. I say lay it on the table, everyone deserves a chance, but know that you have gotta stay good to your word and stay clean and be a model renter. Good luck and welcome to San Antonio

Michael asks…

has anyone heard of the CIELO Hills apartments in san antonio tx??

if so…how would u rate the townhomes there?? are they any good?? what about the neighborhood?/plz help

Administrator answers:

Here are the address and telephone number for them.

Cielo Hills Apartments
(210) 337-4841
7407 Hanzi Dr
San Antonio, TX

They are on the southeast side of San Antonio, just off of S.W. Military Drive.

Paul asks…

Cheapest apartments in San Antonio, TX?

$300 or less? One bedroom. Studio.

Administrator answers:

One within San Antonio, but is a little over $300. Below is the link.


And another one.


Lisa asks…

what apartments rent to felons in san antonio, tx?

I have a deferred felony and I would like to know if there are apartments that will rent to me and which ones.

Administrator answers:

The Park on Goldfield Apartments located on Goldfield and Rittiman near I-35 N will rent to anyone. Spring Hill Apartment on Ray Bon near Eisenhower Rd. Also.

Mandy asks…

Apartments close to grocery stores in San Antonio, TX?

I’m moving to SA and won’t have a car for the first couple of weeks. It would be great if there are apartment complexes near some grocery stores. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Just off 281 north and Henderson pass there are some apartment complexes. There are a bunch of stores, restaurants and other things within walking distance. Pretty safe area too. That’s the closest I can think of as far as apartments and grocery stores.

Maria asks…

Is it extreme to charge a tenant 1000 USD to clean and repaint a studio apartment in San Antonio TX?

Administrator answers:

No that is cheap. Especially if the unit smells from smoke or other pungent odors

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