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October 16, 2012

Charles asks…

What are the best hotels/motels in San Antonio, TX that offer weekly or short term rates?

Need hotel/motel or apartment to stay in for 2-4 weeks in San Antonio this July. Just wondering which places may offer a rate that would be cheaper than a normal nightly rate. Doesn’t need to be super-nice but not trashy either. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

In Town Suites is very inexpensive. It is located off of Bandera outside loop 410 (everything is better kept outside of loop 410). It only offers 1 week or more to guest. The last time I checked it was about 170 for a week (they have a sign when I pass by). You should go to the web site and check the pics and make sure about the price. If there is a certain area of town you want to be in just email me at and I can be more help.

Laura asks…

Do you know where can i found an apartment or condo rentals for a week for vacation in San Antonio, tx?

i’m going on vacation at easter but i’m planning to stay at least a week, and i think tha might be cheaper to rent a furnished apartment or house or condo, so i’m looking for properties available for rent for a week, those vacation rentals properties… anyway, help me please… thank you

Administrator answers:

You might want to look at or some other site that sells unused timeshare space, there are a few timeshares in the city.

David asks…

What is the safest and nicest place to live in the san antonio tx area?

I am a single mother who is planning to move to san antonio during the next couple of months. I need to find an area that has safe apartment complexes, plus a good elementary school. Can anyone please help with advice?,,, thanks

Administrator answers:

You should defiantly look at places in the northside. They have the best schools. As for living anywhere near Alamo Heights for apartments, but if you are looking for a house look at Alamo Ranch.

Joseph asks…

How Much Does A One Bedroom Apartment Cost In a Nice Area In San Antonio TX, An Is It A Good Place To Bartend?

Administrator answers:

You could get a one bedroom apt in a nice part of SA for about $550 – $625 or so i’d say. I’m currently in a 2 bedroom for about $700.

You’ll have to decide on what type of area you want to be in though…..downtown? More expensive for sure. Off the interstate amongst all the shopping, movies, eating, and malls?? Probably along the lines of the amount i mentioned.

Keep this in mind…….the most crowded area of town w/ alot of stores, restaurants, medical centers, and so on would be off of I-10.

A similar type area as above, but a little less “city-like” would be off of 281. Its just less concrete and built up.

I wouldn’t recommend I-35 if you are looking for places to go and people to see. That area of town is more industrial and is has more army/military bases.

….as for bartending……we like to drink in texas…..of course its a good place to bartend.

Lisa asks…

What is a good but cheap location for a small party in San Antonio, TX?

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming up at the end of June. I was thinking I’d like to throw him a surprise party but I’m really low on funds. I can’t use the pool house at our apartments b/c they are closed during the weekend. What’s a good restaurant, bar or venue for a group of around 14?

Thank you!
I’m sorry I meant his birthday is at the end of July not June.

Administrator answers:

How about the Alamo…remember the Alamo?

Donald asks…

Apartment help in San Antonio?

How long after signing an application for an apartment in San Antonio, TX does it take for you to be able to move in? Considering your aproved.

Administrator answers:

A few things factor in: Depends on what they have available. If it is a larger complex the chances are you’d have more open apartments. Also they may require you to pay first and last month rent and a security deposit upfront. Some are willing to work with you. If you need to take time saving that up then it will take time. Some place will let you move in same day or even next day providing they have an apartment and you have the money.

Betty asks…

Apartments in San Antonio, TX……….near UTSA?

I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions for possible apartment complexes in between UTSA main campus and the downtown one. Looking for a 2 (3, or 4 even) room apartment at a reasonable price. Any options given will be helpful (a link would be perfect), so thank you very much.

Administrator answers:

Here’s one site.

Ken asks…

Where is a good place to rent an apartment in San Antonio, TX?

I have a small budget for an apartment, I recently finished up grad school so I am working a low paying job looking for my first big job. I lived in SA in the 90s and the medical center area was great. Lots of apartments and centrally located, but now I have looked at reviews of those places and they are awful. Where is a safe, and cost efficient place to live there? I understand North Central is pretty bad and 281 @ 1604 is overpriced. Is Medical Center really that bad? Where do y’all suggest? I have found some around Bandera & 1604 is that a bad place?

Administrator answers:

Bandera and 1604 is not a bad area. Hopefully it will be close to where you work. Med center is still a good area for young adults, it seems like most of the twenty-something’s that I know live in this area.

Sharon asks…

Resnting apartment no job in San Antonio TX?

I m looking to move to SA next month eventhough I dont have a job lined up i do have some savings, my question is . Will it be difficult to rent a modest apt without having a job? I am certain that I can get a job soon but still I wonder if il get there and not be able to to rent a place…please help. thank you

Administrator answers:

San antonio is pretty inexpensive place to live, you are probably looking at around 600$ or so depending on how nice of a place you want, if you dont want to live in the ghetto.

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