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Your Questions About Apartments In San Antonio Tx

April 23, 2012

Mark asks…

Apartments in San Antonio,TX that will let you live there if you work for them?

I live in San Antonio,TX and pretty much i need to seriously get out of my house. Does anyone know of a apartment complex that if you work for them they will let you live there for discounted price? Serious answers only please

Administrator answers:

If you check today’s (Sunday) paper in the classifieds under “apartment help” you’ll see ads for office workers and housekeeping. If they don’t mention in the ad that you get a discount, you can call the number and ask (don’t tell them your name so that way when you fill out and app they won’t think that’s the only reason your looking for a job.) about a discount.

Good luck! And don’t forget you can always find a roommate where your part of the rest is only a couple of hundred dollars a month.

Mandy asks…

what are good apartments in San Antonio, tx?

Im trying to find a apartment thats furnished in San Antonio, tx near Fort Sam Houston, Tx everyone that i have found all i keep hearing in reviews is that there BAD!! Im from California so im not sure what are the good areas.. if anyone could help me out maybe you knw of a good apt complex that has furnished apts that would be great!! thank you <3 my buget is under 800 a month for a one bedroom..

Administrator answers:

Hey try locating apt complexes close or on Perrin Beitel…I havent been home in a couple of years but there are some pretty decent apt complexes in this area. Not sure which ones come furnished but I do remember some of them providing that service. It is considered to be northeast side and the area is not bad as far as crime goes and it is easy access to the 410 highway. Good luck!

William asks…

Any good apartments in san antonio tx?

Does anyone know of any good apartments or single family home rentals in san antonio tx for me, my wife and two kids?

Administrator answers:

What area of town do you want to live in? Here is a site that can help you,they have information about different apartments and rentals.Often times you can rent a home for about the same price of a 2 bedroom apartment (700-800)
good luck to ya.

Betty asks…

Anybody live or have lived in the Diplomat Apartments in San Antonio, TX? How is it?

The address is 1869 W. Thompson Place, San Antonio, Texas, 78226.

Administrator answers:

The apartments have a 100% favorable rating on apartment Here is a web site with a photo

I will say that the crime risk in that area is higher than average, and may be something to consider.

Good luck finding an apartment.

Sharon asks…

are the rosemont apartments in san antonio tx a nice safe place to move into?

i am planning on moving out and i am looking for a good apartment to move into does any one have some good suggestions?

Administrator answers:

It’s fine as long as you have your own pistol and a carry permit is not a bad idea either.

Maria asks…

How are the Dove Valley apartments in San Antonio, TX?

I have lived in NY all my life but I am about to relocate to Texas because of my job. I am just wondering which apartment is good in San Antonio area.

Administrator answers:

I know someone that used to live there. He said that was a very nice place to live. You can check out the ratings of apartments by going to

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