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April 24, 2012

Steven asks…


when you move in, do they generally re-paint and put in new carpet?

Administrator answers:

It depends on where you live. My wife has worked in the apartment industry for over 20 years and in Atlanta where we live, they have to repaint every time someone has moved out. As for the carpet, they have to steam clean it unless it’s so bad they replace it.

David asks…


I wasn’t sure where to post this…there doesn’t seem to be any place for asking about homes.

Long story short, the family and I aren’t happy in our apartment complex…one problem after another, and we’re ready to move after only six months of being here. What I’m looking for are some nice apartment complexes in the NORTH ATLANTA suburbs (particularly Alpharetta and Roswell, but am willing to go as far south as Dunwoody).

I am perfectly capable of going online to find an apartment, but doing that will probably land me in the same situation I’m in now… ALL apartments look lovely in pictures and when you go visit a model. What leasing agent in his or her right might would tell you, “Yeah, this place is nice, but the people downstairs blare loud music into the wee hours of the morning.” I’m interested in hearing from people who have first hand experience (live there, friend lives there, etc.) with any good, decent, reasonably priced apartments north of Atlanta. Many thanks!

Administrator answers:

I don’t live there, but try this. It can’t guarantee that some bad ones weren’t just mad and tried to get even by posting bad things, but it might help if some have mostly really good ratings.


Carol asks…

APARTMENTS !!!!!!!!!?

My boyfriend lives with an aunt that charges way to much for rent. he pay a third when four people live there. She says that his cuz doesnt count b/c she cant work. But shouldnt that be her and her husbands responsibility? And its hard finding another apartment. She wants him out b/c she says she dont need his money anymore.

Administrator answers:

Well …Tell him to get his own apartment and he can find one on … (Classifieds)

…. OR …. If he is on “limited” income he can look for a roommate and go ahead and move into their home that they already have ….. He can find a Roomie at: (Classifieds)

Good Luck to you ‘n Him !!

Lisa asks…

What do apartments check for when you fill out an application?

I’m 23 and am looking to get my own apartment. I’ve lived with my mom my whole life so this would be my first apartment so I don’t have any rental history and my credit is definitely less than perfect. What do apartments check for when you try to rent one? I’m not looking to get like a fancy condo or something. Just a small one bedroom apartment that costs between $400-$500 a month rent. Nothing fancy. Think I’ll have a problem getting an apartment?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on the landlord.

Most will want to see some sort of rental history.

All will want to see that you pay your bills on time.

Daniel asks…

How can i rent 2 apartments in the sims 2 apartment life?

I have got a family and they have men 2 women 2 and 2 babies. Dina is married to Don and Nina is married to Craig. I moved them into a apartment but is their anyway i can rent two apartment. I have tried to rent 2 apartments at the same time but it wont let me because i pause the game click on 2 apartments to rent, then i un pause the game and the second apartment i want is taken by a family is their any way please help me.

Administrator answers:

Have one person get on the computer, click “Find Own Place”. It will then ask you to click those who you want to move out with you.

They will then appear in the family bin at the bottom of the screen, along with the rest of the homeless sims.

Ruth asks…

How can an apartment broker advertise to landlords to sell their apartments?

I’ve been helping an apartment broker guy advertise to people looking for apartments, and now he wants me to try to figure out a way to advertise to landlords who need someone to sell their apartments. I’m having trouble finding any information about this.

Administrator answers:

Apartment broker advertise is products of goods selling.

Susan asks…

How do I go about looking for apartments to rent?

Will be out of college in May and will be looking for my very first apartment ever. I want an apartment that is part of a house (as in a floor of a three decor, etc.) but when I search apartments online, only apartments in apartment buildings/complexes show up. Why? How can I search for a specific kind of apartment and how can I figure out how much I can afford to spend? My starting salary will be about 35k a year.

Administrator answers:

Most apartments that are part of a home are rented out by the person that owns it. Private rentals are rarely on any of those apartment websites. The private owners are less likely to spend the money on advertising. Private rentals are typically only found on craigslist & the local paper.

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