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April 23, 2012

John asks…

I’m still IN LOVE with a girl that has a baby. What do I do?

I’m 16, just finishing my Junior year in highschool, I don’t have a job, and I live in Hemet. In 8th grade, about 3 years ago, there was a new girl at my school–Amanda. I fell in love at first sight. (Or so to speak) Long story short… We dated, she dumped me, left me heartbroken, moved back to Brooklyn, had some 22 year old guys baby at 16, moved back down here with her 6 month old child at 17, and shes living an hour away from me at a friends house. SO!!! She told me where she was and I got a ride down as soon as I could… I was so NERVOUS! Havn’t seen her in years… The entire day I played with her baby and did all I could do to help. Then around 9, the baby went to sleep so everyone in the house played beer pong. No body was drunk, just kept a steady buzz nd she started flirting.. Asked me 4 a kiss,I laughed and shyed away.. Called me Babe/Baby the whole night, had me sit on her lap, then when we went to sleep she layed her head on my chest and wrapped her arm around me… My dream come true.. That morning I left and she walked me out holding her son.. kissed his cheek and.. She KISSED ME! I’m not sure if shes just fucking with my head, wants me, just wants somebody to flirt with, is using me, ect ect.. She wants me to get a job and rent an apt with her… SO BASICALY!!! ALL MY FEELINGS FROM OVER THE YEARS ARE BACK!!! What do I do?? WHat can I get her? Should I see her more often or is that too clingy? How do I show that I love her and will always be here for her…Since Jr High I knew I’d marry this girl. I love her and I love her son. I jusr don’t know what to do…

Administrator answers:

How about try dating her again and see what happens. Don’t blindly get an apartment with her. And you say that you LOVE her? Are u sure u’re simply not infatuated? There’s a big difference. You’re 16 and you claim that ur in love. Do u think u can overcome anything with this LOVE that u speak of?? Get real. U’re an unemployed 16 year old little boy. U’re not a man. Ur a boy. Get a degree or get a job that pays enough for a family of 3 to live well. Enjoy ur life while u are under ur parents because u will miss this once u have to start paying electricity, water, food, diaper, milk, insurance etc..DATE her but don’t marry her at this age or move in with her.

Carol asks…

Can we afford $1800 a month in rent?

My husband and I are going to move once our lease is up in July 2010. We currently live in a 1 bedroom apt for $700 in brooklyn, NY with our 6 year old son, so needless to say, we need more space. We saw an amazing apt for $1800 and we want it. we make $62,000 a year together with about $90,000 in the bank. The only other bills we have are electric($65-$80), gas($20-$40), cable w/internet and phone($150), 2 cell phones($150), our sons tuition($350). Also we usually go food shopping every 2 weeks and spend about $150. So can we make it our would it be too tight? Thanks

Administrator answers:

I can’t believe the number of people that can’t read but yet are replying to this thread.

They only make 62,000 a year total, not 90k, not 124K.

Now I understand some of you will not understand this, but you do not count their saving. They do not want to spend that, they really need to keep adding to it in fact.

Ok 62,000 comes out to be a little over 5,150 a month before taxs. That means a 1800.00 rent payment is going to take right at 35% of your pre taxed income.

As a landlord I would say that is cutting it real close. Also remember that a larger place will cost more in electric and gas.

James asks…

Landlord wont repair electricity throughout entire apt, I need to move out. What legal protection do I have?

I live in Brooklyn NYC. The landlord that also happens to live in the building will not repair a major problem in my apt. The problem is that there is no active electrical connection in the entire apartment. One morning I turned on a light and the electricity blew and has been gone ever since. Landlord replaced fuse but it blew right back out a few minutes later. The wiring in the apt is probably 50+ years old. There have always been problems with light bulbs burning out too fast etc. I think there is an expensive problem here and the landlord is doing their best to avoid repairing it. In the meantime I do not have electricity and do not feel like waiting around any longer for things to be repaired, I feel I deserve my rent back and also should get some extra money to tide me over while I look for a new apt. I need good advice and hopefully links to legal info I should know. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

You will not get any rent back or extra money. You may be entitled to a rent abatement, but you would need to go to court to request this.

Your remedy in this situation is to call the housing authority or NYC’s 311 number and report the landlord.

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