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August 23, 2012

Joseph asks…

Why do alot of women date badboys on her early years and when she gets old she wants the nice guy at the end?

I’m just saying its dumb! There was a girl who i liked 3 years ago who had a choice between me and some other guy (the guys she ended up marrying). I took her out to dinner and told her if she made up her mind who she wanted to be with. I choose the other guy, the next year they got married and had two kids! He was working as a bus driver who got layed off his job. She ended up working at a coffee house because she couldnt finish up her schooling with both of them not working! He was the babysitter and didnt bother looking for another Job. One day she came home from work and find him in bed with another woman red-handed. Him and the other woman ended up moving to Miami leaving her all along with the two kids! So yesterday she comes to my house knocking, i haven’t even seen her since she told me she didn’t want to be with me. I welcome her inside and she goes on this crying crap saying how sorry she did that to me and NOW wants to have a relationship with me (Basically HELP ME WITH THESE TWO KIDS THATS NOT EVEN MINE). She is about to lose her apt because she cant pay the rent and wants to the kids and her in with me?? She must be on drugs, i told her hell no and if she needs to help to go to her family back east! We live in Los Angeles, but why do women always want the niceguys when things dont go their way with the badboys? Its not fair to us! We are NOT captain save a hoe!

Administrator answers:

I’m sorry, you sound decent and I hope you find strength to help her in your own way; coming to you for help shows she realized she made a mistake back then.

To answer your question though, I’ve never liked the idea of dating the “bad boy” type. In fact, I wouldn’t date a guy who isn’t in college, or at least has a life above fast food jobs and scraping for money. Personally, I am interested in guys who have drive and dreams (and actually work to make them come through)

But hey, as a nice girl who is constantly at the just friends stage with every male I’ve ever befriended, I have some similar feelings about guys. I mean, I can cook, I’m artsy but intelligent, and I’m not bad off in my appearance, if I do say so myself. (trying to cheer you up) But the guys I am into always ironically come to me asking if they have a chance with one of my friends- that never feels good.

It isn’t fair for people like us to be thrown aside or condemned to be only friends, but our times will come. I hope I have helped you somehow in this obviously stressful time, and I hope you find a girl who appreciates a nice guy, and not just when it’s convenient! (:

Sandra asks…

Why Do Illegal Aliens Have More Rights Than US Citizens? ?

I’m a US citizen and I was born and raised here in California. I’m looking for an apt in LA and no one will rent to me because I have dr bills on my credit. Most places harbor illegal aliens with no problems. They don’t have to do credit checks and take up most of the housing in Los Angeles leaving us US citizens on the streets. There’s no clinics here for US citizens but there is allot for Mexican illegals they even get Wic to pay for there illegal kids food and formula. I make over $100,000 a year and had to give up my job a few days ago because I can’t find a place to live. By the end of the week I will be a part of Los Angeles homeless problem.

I think if I have no evictions or bankruptcy and lots of references and income then I should have someone rent to me. Personal credit should be personal and has nothing to do with my ability to pay rent. I have been paying my rent on time since I was 17 and I’m now 31. My college education is trash now and I’m going to be homeless, god I wish I was an illegal alien!!!!

Administrator answers:

This guy I know from work was turned down for WIC a while back. They told him it was because he had a 401K that was valued over 1200.00 dollars. Now, I looked at the application that they sent him and it directly stated on there ” immigration status is not a factor when determining eligibly.” How forked up is that???? If you cut the illegals off couldn’t you raise the limit of personal resources and allow the opportunity for the hardworking guy that contributes to a 401K??? Just aint right.

Sandy asks…

Don’t do any business with Robin Group/AA Martels, LLC/Cresta Properties, LLC?

I’m one of the old tenants on Martel Ave apts., Los Angeles, since the Robin Group took over they kicked out poor section 8 people, raised the rent, and want to kick us old tenants out. They just fixed the empty apts so they can raise the rent and not fixing the old tenants apt, I’m one of the unhappy tenants. My wood floor buckled up from a bathroom leak since July, i have reported them to LA Housing Dept Inpector 4 times, from one excuse after another, and promised to move me in to a newer apt if i cancelled my case with the inspector, i cancelled 2 times, but they still did not move me, BS. They have damaged my mattress and suitcase full of clothes while fixing the apt above me, due to a leak on the ceiling and the owners said he will replace my mattress and so far nothing has been relaced, this old apt has a list of things to fix, but they are ignoring it. So people don’t be fool by the look of these new apt, once you move in and have problems, good luck of getting it fixes. I’m still waiting for my floor to be fixed. I have put up with the last 4 months of construction, remodelling noise, unruly workers, and its still going on. In February or March of 2012 they will have to do the contrustion again on the 3 or 4 apts of section 8 people they will kick out- until the end of the year. If you rent here, you won’t be in peace and quiet, you have been warned. What’s my rights? i welcom any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

You have the right to move.

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