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April 18, 2012

Mandy asks…

How much $ does an apt manager get each time he rents an apt,is it a fixed bonus or a % of the rental price?

In Los Angeles,what is a standard salary for an apt manager for 80 units,and what kind of compensation does he get on top of his salary?
Bonus for each time he rents a unit? And does he get free rent as part of his benefits?

Administrator answers:

Management Companies usually hire personnel. They have plenty of applicants. Becoming pretty much standard is a salary/hourly pay with a reduction in your personal rent (around 30%). With the current foreclosures and stale housing market rentals are in big demand. Turn over is cyclical and during those times rent reductions to lure prospects are the focus. I would contact the complexes you are interested in and talk to the staff there.

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