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July 1, 2012

Ken asks…

Los Angeles Rental Price Depends on how many people?

What is the Los Angeles law on renting a new apartment where the rental price depends on the number prospective tenants.

I was looking at a 2bd 2bath apartment in westwood and asked the manager how much the rent price would change if there was a total of 3 people at the signing of the lease (each person per room and one in the living room).

The manager said a price change like that situation was illegal and want apartment building I was seeing this in. She commented that it was some kind of discrimination, but did not want to get into the gritty details. Basically she said the law allows a total of 2 people per room and for the apartment I was looking at, it would be a max of 5. I looked at another 2 bed room place down the street and manager said they won’t take no more than 3 in the apartment.

Now I’ve seen some other new apartments for rent in the area and they have prices depending on the number of people (heads). So can someone please explain this to me? I searched around and only found laws and situations for adding additional tenants to an already vacant apt.
ibu guru: Financially independent thank you. Not everyone has the luxury of parents paying for everything through college. I do agree with you on the roommate conflicts, for I’ve witnessed a fair share of them in the past. Apartment managers just gotta deal with it, it comes with job if you are constantly interacting with people. Life isn’t a walk in the park.

I’m still unclear of what the law is about the subject at hand and I’ll probably have to read through the law manual. I get varying responses from different apartment managers for apt complexes. No one has said it is illegal to live in the living room, but they’re just probably giving us students a break.

Administrator answers:

A 2 bedroom would never allow 5, it is not legal to use the living room as a bedroom.

The laws vary depending on the relationship of the renters.

A husband, wife and their 2 kids is different then 4 unrelated roommates.

The landlord has every right to limit roommates, 2 is the most common.

As far as charging per person, this is acceptable and customary if the landlord pays any of the bills, water, sewer, garbage, whatever.

Jenny asks…

I moved to Los Angeles and can’t find a job?

i’m 23 and moved to los angeles (north hollywood) two months ago because I have always wanted to live here and make it out here. I moved from Omaha. I graduated college with a degree in marketing last spring and quit my job back home because it was a boring desk job and couldnt find another one. I’ve lived with my parents my whole life. Anyhow I decided to move out here(los angeles) two months ago and signed a 6 month lease in hopes of finding a job and making it out here. The only problem is I can’t seem to find any jobs that pay very well. My rent is 1000 a month and I am going through my savings like crazy out here. I’ve had a saving account all my life and now its dwindling. Now I just stay at my apt and watch movies all day and send out my resumes online. I’ve tried going door to door businesses but all I can find are jobs that pay minimun wage or jobs waiting tables. I also figured I would go out more, I have a couple of friends that live here, but things are so expensive and they have money and I dont. I also left behind a guy I was dating back home who was amazing, the first guy I ever loved, he was so good to me and we had amazing chemistry, and he didn’t want me to leave but I figured since I was young and have no kids I should just go for my dreams. We were talking on the phone every night but now we rarely talk at all even though we are on good terms he said I coule call him if i needed anything but I’m afraid he may meet someone else and I am stuck here with no job and no income. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

Now I guess you know why we keep telling people who ask about moving here to stay where they are. Many people have been unable to find a job for a long time, and looks like you going to be another one. In the mean time take one of those low paying jobs to help form running out. Something is better than nothing. Try to stay at least until your lease is over to avoid being sued by your landlord. But before you run completely out of money you might have to go back to Nebraska.

Sharon asks…

Where is a safe place to live in Los Angeles?

My family and I are moving to Los Angeles from Oklahoma sometime next year. First off, we miss the weather there (we are from California), and now my son Richie really wants to get into acting. We thought, “Why not go to cali for the weather, and go where it would be easier for our son Richie to see if acting is what he really wants to do?’ Well, we want to find a nice area, that does not have to many gangs etc, and that is pretty decent in price for a 3 bedroom. We can afford up to $1700 per month for an apt. or a house. Can anyone tell me where it would be pretty decent to live, and decent price of rent? We don’t want to live to far from L.A. so give or take 20 minutes away or closer would be fine.

Administrator answers:

Thousand Oaks or Simi Valley

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