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October 19, 2012

Laura asks…

Please Read It All As I Could not Mention It All On Here?

im searching for an apartment and i’ve found one thats 10 minutes drive from manhattan. now the person posted an ad on craigslist and this one is the cheapest apartment i’ve found for 900 dollars with one bedroom, kitchen, a nice living, bathroom and a small space for laundry. im from amsterdam and first time going to USA by the way. now i dont know whether i have to give him 900 dollars per month or maybe 6 months?? what is the normal rent payment system in the USA?? is it per month or per 6 months? here in netherlands, you have to pay the rent after every six months. now if that apt is for 900 per 6 months, thats really cheap, but i ain’t sure and i havent talked to the man yet as i’ve found it on craigslist but looking forward to email him. what do you think, is it per sixth months pay or per month? i am confused really, check the link below for details.

Administrator answers:

That ad is a scam, a fraud. Do not send them ANY money at all, because they will steal it from you.

With the cost of housing in New York City as high as it is, there are a LOT of apartment rental scams out there, so, my advice to you is to come here in person and stay in a hotel or on a friend’s couch, and then look for an apartment while you are HERE in person, because from thousands of miles away, it is virtually guaranteed that you will get ripped off and cheated, but if you’re here in person, you probably won’t.

Good luck!… ?

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