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March 28, 2012

Mark asks…

Manhattan apartment rentals?

I am going to college in the fall and i would like to try and rent an apt in manhattan. Do you think it is possible to find an apt (i dont care how small) for under $1,000 a month (and in a safe area)? I was looking on craigslist and it seems possible, but i feel like its too good to be true. does anyone know? thanks!

Administrator answers:

Check out NY Times Real Estate. Also, if you split an apartment with a roommate/if you have two separate rooms or something, it might also be cheaper. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Manhattan Apartment – under or around $2,500?

Could anyone tell me the best areas to look in Manhattan for apt to rent with a $2,500 budget ? Anywhere south of 90th?

Administrator answers:

Battery park or the east village.

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