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April 8, 2012

Donald asks…

Rule of thumb: renting in Manhattan…?

Is it true that you must make (annually) at least 50 times your estimated monthly rent before a landlord in Manhattan will rent an apt. to you? If so, exactly how common and stringent is this policy?

Thank you for credible, helpful responses.

Administrator answers:

The multiple varies by landlord, but it is usually in the range of 40 to 50 times your rent.

Some landlords will allow someone else to guarantee the rent.

I hope this helps.

Laura asks…

Housing lottery I was picked for one can I get the apt?

I was recently laid off and I live in new york. I was called 2 weeks after being laid off for an interview for an apt in Manhattan. The rent for the apt is a bit above 600 I receive 1200 a month from unemployment. The site wants me to have my 4 recent pay stubs and I only have 2 I am trying to get something from my former employer for the stubs. I am afraid that I will not be able to get the apt and this is a once and a lifetime opportunity. If I bring my paper work from unemployment will that help me out?

Administrator answers:

Don’t bother, you will not qualify without a job.

William asks…

Does anyone from New York know of any rent subsidized/income base apartments or info?

Does anyone know of any available apartment buildings in the New York City area; perferbally Manhattan and Brooklyn, that are rent subsidized, income based and are asking for a salary between $18,000- $23,000 or anything close to it. Or any websites that will give me a full listing for rent subsidized apt. I already applied for the different available apartments on Hpd housing website but I would like to have options just in case those take too long.

My family is growing because I’m having a baby soon and I need AFFORDABLE space nothing major but something bigger than a studio. A one bedroom would be fine.

Thank You!

Administrator answers:

The waiting list is years and years long..the only thing you can do is apply for NYCHA but be forewarned, it may take you 6-7 yrs or longer just to get a response. There are New Yorkers living here who have been trying to get that housing.


P.S take this from a native New Yorker, anything cheap, usually mean Rats and Roaches..that’s the straight truth. You should try Craigslist NYC, look for studios /1 bedroom apartments. Decent 1 bedrooms start at $1000 per month.

Ruth asks…

Which district is the best to stay in for a bachelorette party?

Me and about 8 of my friends are coming from California to Manhattan for a bachelorette party weekend. We Don’t know the area AT ALL…We are wanting to rent a apt, but we are not sure which district is the best for a group of 25-30 year olds. SoHo, Meat Packing, West Village or Midtown are the options.

Administrator answers:


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