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October 21, 2012

Mary asks…

How do you know when its time for you to make a major change?

I lived in NYC all my life. But even as a teenager I wanted to live in another state. I lived in NJ for 15 yrs. & loved it but came back to NY bcz I found a really nice apt & lived there for 7 yrs, moved out due to ridiculous rent increases & havent been able to find a nice reasonable place to live since 2001. I’m finding myself hating alot about NY, I dont go out to socialize in NY bcz I get aggravated with the trains, buses and crowds of people everywhere, also the noise & other things & I’m constantly thinking about leaving NY to go south but everything I know & love is here in NY. But I cant stop thinking about the south & how nice it is out there. Apts are quieter & cleaner, rents more reasonable & I can have a dog. I’d also like to live away from my family to start a new life on my own. NY is a great city but I’ve been here all my life & I’m not feeling it so much here anymore.

Does this mean its time for me to make a change? Or am I just being miserable?

In other words,

Administrator answers:

You only live once. Change can be scary but you know in your heart what you really want. Sounds to me like a change of pace might be just what you’re looking for; but when it comes down to it only you can decide what is right/necessary for you.

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