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March 23, 2012

Mandy asks…

In NJ is a yearly lease automatically renewable on an annual basis if you pay rent after the current lease exp?

Apt. management raised rent (which we are willing to pay), but our lease expires end of month. we were under the impression that it would go month to month. now they sat we will be bound for a year and in violation of breaking the lease if we leave before the next year ends. it doesn’t sound like this is easily enforceable. don’t know what to do in this situation. not ready to move, but don’t want to stay here for a year. help!

Administrator answers:

It is very enforceable and very common…IF it is written into your lease. You need to read your lease and see what it states regarding auto-renewal.

Ken asks…

$50,000K per year – what can I afford for rent? (Queens or NJ).?

If I made $45,000 OR $50,000K per year (not including taxes in NJ or NY)….what is the max I should spend on rent when looking for apt, 1 bedroom (no studio and I have no car)? My expenses are about $1,000-1,200 per month. I don’t have any one to help me figure this out. if someone wouldn’t mind, that’d be great and I’ll PICK best answer, lol.

Y! IM: misscamillabrightside
what about Jersey city heights?

Administrator answers:

Rents are always going to be high in the NY/NJ metro area, so your budget for them may work out higher than your ideal. Plan on spending about 1,000-2,000 depending on where you wind up and maybe think of a large studio rather than a 1 bdrm. Try to get some utilities included in your rent if possible. And see where else you can scale back in your budget.

You always pay a lot in rent in a large city – sad, but unavoidable. Queens would be my recommendation, especially since you don’t have a car. Try Craigs list, and look in Astoria and Sunnyside/Woodside.

Lisa asks…

How much should I charge for effeciency apt in NJ?

I have 2 rooms I want to rent out in the back of the house. It has a seperate entrance, private bath, bedroom and living room but no kitchen. what would I charge to rent it out? thanks

Administrator answers:

You can gleen some rental market date here: (no active rental listings, only what rents are)

I don’t know if they have your exact type of rental, but it would give you a ballpark if you get the bedroom down to 1 & sqft low.

Lizzie asks…

is child support claimed as income for taxes?

Can i use child support as income for filing my taxes in nj?Also,i rent an apt in nj.But i live in a subsidized apt complex and my rents paid by the state.Am i still eligible for homestead rebate?

Administrator answers:

Child support is not reported as income.

Re the rebate, read the instructions, but if you don’t pay it, most likely not.

Mark asks…

what happens to the security deposit?

I have 2 friends that are married but seperating.They rent an apt in NJ.He is leaving,she is staying.The lease isnt up for another 6 mths.
Hes choosing to leave.
What happens to security deposit?
I need someone who knows the law,hopefully in nj?
Can they give him his half of sec deposit and force her to come up with the other half again?
Suppose she cant afford the other half but wants to stay?
Shes not breaking the lease,he is?

Administrator answers:

Lease is in whose name? He is leaving…she is staying..research ‘tenant/lordland laws’

Mary asks…

I applied for apt. in dc and former landlady in nj wants me to pay back rent and it was TRA responsibility.?

I received TRA in 11/06 and moved into my apartment. I was pregnant with my daughter at time and already have one child. In January I gave birth and my caseworker sanctioned me while I was giving birth because I was not working. She continued to sanction me continuously throughout the months. She falsely accused me of working and accepting benefits in the mean time. I was evicted with my two children and had to move into a drug, prostitute, and violence infected motel on Pacific. Things continued to get worse from there. My daughter (7 months at the time) found a crack pipe in the room and almost put it in her mouth. My caseworker was informed of this and said she could not do anything because it was not life-threatening. My continuous effort to get my children in a safe environment lasted for another 2 – 3 months. I finally decided to move out of the state. I just recently found an apartment for my kids and I and now my former landlady in NJ (Atlantis Apartments) Marsha Grub is telling me I owe back rent. The rent payments were sent directly to her from TRA and now shes saying that I am responsible for the back payment. No one bothered to try and contact me through mail or phone. I feel I should not be responsible for this payment because the TRA program told me that they would pay my rent for a year. There is so much more to this story.

Administrator answers:

If you don’t comply with TRA requirements, no matter how justified you feel your non-compliance was or is, then you owe the rent yourself.

TRA is a very conditional assistance. You don’t meet the conditions, you don’t get the assistance.

Daniel asks…

i rented 2 rooms in my apt in nj how fast can i kick them out for non payment and smoking weed?

they are trying to say it is a illeagl apt so i owe them 6 months of rent? we have no agreement the extra room are in the basement. I get this for being to nice i gave my drive to use of my washer dryer

Administrator answers:

You need an experienced landlord tenant lawyer ASAP. Find out when the next landlord tenant court date is for your county, go down watch what is going on, there should be a few lawyers handling majority of cases

It sounds like you may have a rooming house situation and not a landlord tenant relationship; does your town require a CO to charge rent? Is this a standalone unit or just a room in your home? A room alone equates to rooming house, a standalone unit without a CO is a problem as well , go in front of a Judge with unclean hands and the case may not go your way

Donna asks…

New carpeting for 2nd flr, 1 BR apt. – NJ?

I am going to be renting a new apt. The current owner of this 1 BR condo (approx. 900 sq. ft. carpeting) has old carpets on floors (worst part – their blue).
He wants to get them professionally cleaned, we were hoping to make a deal w/ him to get new carpeting on there – maybe go 1/2 with him.
Does anyone know of an average amount of cost for carpeting? It’s for the 2nd floor & padding should be pretty good (but not looking for the best, since I’m renting).
Does anyone also know of what kind of padding will work out best for this situation? I heard there are different demensions in padding, etc.
In the end, I think it will benefit us & the owner, as it will make the condo look much better & will be easier for him to rent after we leave.

Administrator answers:

Don’t spend your money on someone else carpet.

Just buy some area rugs that you like and cover up the old carpets once they are cleaned.

No one should waste their money on someone else. You will always have the rugs that you buy and once they are down in the middle of the room, and your furnishings around, you will never notice the blue around the edge.

Go to IKEA and Home Depot and look at the nice large rugs you can own for yourself for less than the 1/2 of the new carpet you ‘ll pay for him. Take care of self first.

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