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April 14, 2012

Ken asks…

Would someone who makes 35K a year be able to rent an apt for 680/mo?

I am wondering bc a want to move out of my parents and I want to make it work. I live in NJ and 680 is the cheapest apt I found. Its actually for the lower income salaries. Hot water is incl. I dont have much other bills, Just the typical usual bills. No debt. No car pymt, just car insurance, cell phone, credit cards here and there but I do have a school loan that I’m in the process of paying down before I grad. I do have a good amount saved but I’m trying not to touch it. But my job isn’t too stable there has been a bunch of layoffs and I’m hearing there will be more. Ugh! What would you do? and I def do not want a room mate.
I take home a little more than 2K a month. If that helps with the math. What would you do if you were me?

Administrator answers:

By yourself? It’ll be ok but don’t risk it if your job isn’t so stable right now. Trust me, parents are b*tches and are a BIG PAIN in the a*s but overall…you’re gonna be the one looking up to them when you’re down. Just stay with your parents and save money…=D

Thomas asks…

Renting apt. in NJ for 12 months. My husband and I found a house and want to buy. Can we get out of leas?

We signed the lease in 06/2006 and are stuck until 6/2007. Is there a law for first time buyers that will enable us to buy our home without the worries of wasted rent payments too!?

Please help the newly weds!

Administrator answers:

Sorry can’t help you there. You are bound by your lease. Talk to the landlord to see if there is anyway you can be let loose early. They may work out a deal with you if you find an acceptable new tenant.

Steven asks…

Place to live between jersey city nj and bedminster nj?

My boyfriend is.working in downtown jersey city nj. I am from pa but Justin got a job in bedminster nj. We are looking for a good area to rent an apt in between the two areas where he can take public transport (less than and I (less than 40 MIN)

Administrator answers:

The least expensive cities to live in may not be cities you want to live in. Elizabeth, Newark, etc. Spend some time on this forum.

Also, have you given thought as to how you are going to get a work visa? This is not as simple as saying I’m going to go the US and get a job. Unless you plan on coming to school here and even that gives you limited time to work here.

Susan asks…

Middlesex mgmt – Hilltop Apt. will not allow any one excpet Alex TV for Dish Installation – Edison, NJ?

Middlesex Mgt. – Hilltop Apt. Edison, NJ will not allow any one except ALEX TV of Fords, NJ for Dish Installation, I called Dish for I got flyer in mail for promotion that Dish offered. free Installation, free HD and free HBO & Showtime for 3 mths, Apt. Mgmt. charged me $100 when I receive this mths rent invoice and Alex TV will charge me $550.00 besides Dish $450.00 (ETF) if I cancel their contract before 2 years. when i placed the order it was one year contract but Alex TV made my wife sign his own contract. god knows why Alex TV did he stick hi nose. Did apartment mgmt or Alex TV violated any laws specially consumer fraud act of NJ ?
till last year evey one had dish in theor won porch, desk but they refuse to allow any one except Alex TV and who did not obide they cut the cable and ripped off thier Dish

Administrator answers:

They didn’t violate any laws. It’s their property (Hilltop) and they can enter into exclusive contracts with installation companies (and probably get a kick-back for each install).

Robert asks…

i am moving to north NJ for my new job in NYC. i am looking for an apt with private parking close to the PATH.

i would prefer locations close to
1. hoboken
2. pavonia/newport
3. exchange place
4. grove street
that is walking distance to PATH train and has private parking for my car. i never visited the area and would appreciate any recommendations.

i will also consider moving further away from the city depending on how much money i can save from monthly rent. any recommendations?

Administrator answers:

I have no direct answer to your question but here’s what I can say…

Finding a parking space in Hoboken is hell and private parking may be hard to find.

Did you try craigslist? That’s a popular site for renting apartments (and much more). It’s free, you can see what’s available and post your own ads.

Start here:

Other areas that may interest you, but not close to the PATH, are West New York, North Bergen and Edgewater. They’re all located on the Hudson river between Lincoln & George Washington bridges.

If you are considering places farther away, just avoid Newark, NJ. It’s indeed a fairly large cities with direct transportation to NYC, but I can’t say I’m fond of the neighborhood.

Mandy asks…

is it legal for me to rent a bedroom out in my part of the 2 family home i own i rent out the other as an apt?

i live in paterson nj own the whole house and just wanted to know if it is legal for me to rent out 1 bedroom in my part of the house and what code that would be if it were legal

Administrator answers:

Depends on your lease agreement. If your landlord says no sublease, then no. If it’s okay with him, then fine. Usually the landlord wants to approve of the person.

Joseph asks…

Has anyone ever rented or tried to rent a house/apt from craigslist? Wat was your experience like?

I recently looked on craigslist for rentals in my area. The majority of them looked really shady and were really vague. Some were way to good to be true. Like 3 bedrooms, huge yard brand new appliances completely renovated..for like 600 a month (i live in NJ where you pay at least 800 for a 2 br house) Also, my sister inquired about one, and the man wrote her back saying that he was in africa, and he wanted all her info and he would MAIL her the key! She would not be able to look at the house first and everything would be done over the internet. I also inquired about one. I asked when the house would be available and where it was located and how much the security would be, and the response email i got said. Here download this rental application and bring it with u. I wrote back and said where? you still haevnt told me where it is and im not filling out an ap till i get more info. Inever got a response. I hear so much bad stuff about craigslist. Is it one big place wher everyone wants to rip you off? Share you experiences!

Administrator answers:

Newspaper is probably best bet for rentals.

Some on Craig list are ok but there are so many to sift thru and many are scams.

Sharon asks…

Can’t find an affordable apt in NY/NJ.Does commuting 2-n-1/2 hours to NY for auditions sound ludicris?

Soooo frustrated ;0(
I am a persistent (never like the word struggling) actor person (Actress)… and comedienne…
Have been trying for 6 weeks to find a New York/or NJ apartment that will be a fit for me and my 10 year old little girl…..
My income is limited…. (single Mom)

My challenges are: I find a GREAT apartment.. And the school is crappy…
Or I find a GREAT school but cannot afford the apartment…Making that match is really frustrating..
I lived in NY for 15 years!!! My kid was born there…. And was fortunate enough to have a great apt in Park Slope, zoned in a great school district…
Moved from NY cuz I got the big “C” and needed to be near family… I kicked cancer’s ass! And cannot think of doing anything else but performing again….. And as all artists, performers, and actors know… The desire to perform is haunting and in our blood.. And never leaves…I was getting work… And soooooo miss that part of me… And I miss living in New York terribly…

The commute to find a place is costly…. I am all but run out of gas (and money) trying to find a place online and in person… That money could have gone to commuting to at least 18 auditions by now… I will keep trying, but my lease is up in the end of the month… If I don’t renew.. they will rent my place….

The PRO: If we stay: I can SAVE tons of money, and put it towards commuting….. Hopefully to get a gig that will allow me an affordable place in a great zoned school… And we have TONS of space here! 7 room apt with 4 huge boxed walk in closets that look like small bedrooms.

The CON: I LOVE NEW YORK. And my kid wants to move too.. We miss everything amazing the culture and lifestlye added to my child’s and my spirit…

I don’t want to give up now.. (you understand don’t you ???)

But have hit a brick road…. And am wondering if commuting from my hometown
~2 and a 1/2 hours away sounds ludicris?? Or will hinder my efforts??

I won’t give up.. I can’t… Just need direction..
Any thoughts???? Or Anyone been there????

Administrator answers:

Ah, Park Slope. What a neighborhood. It’s become so expensive lately though.

It’s not totally ludicrous to attempt that commute. I imagine it’ll cut down on the number of auditions you’re able to make it to, and you probably know as well as I do that relying on landing an acting gig that will pay enough to help you move is a pretty far stretch. Not to say it won’t happen, but still. I’ve met people that commute from Philly, central Jersey. My friend worked with a guy on Law & Order that comes up from DC to be an extra there, regularly.

I guess I would stay, save, and make it to whatever auditions you can. And congratulations on overcoming cancer. Sounds like you’ve worked really hard to be where you are.

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