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September 8, 2012

Daniel asks…

Do you think it would be better if I move out of state this summer or next summer?

I live in a small town here in Texas, & there isn’t much job opportunity. I’m getting very frustrated. I have student loans to pay off, & my 6-month grace period is up. I don’t want to break my apartment lease, & it ends in June. I’m wondering if I should stay here until June 2009 or move out of state ASAP to go to school in California or back to New York. Most people tell me I should go to Cali, since there’s a higher demand for Spanish translators/interpreters than in NYC. I tried to go to school in NY, but I had a horrible living situation. But I’d give ANYTHING to go back there, ONLY if I can live alone. I know that’s a lot of money, but it’s better to be safe than to be in a rat & drug-infested neighborhood.

I’m on a fixed income right now, making $657/month, & my apt. rent is 1/2 my income, & I’m STRUGGLING! I have my BA degree in Spanish. I want to pay off my debts but I can’t afford to. What should I do?

Administrator answers:

Follow your heart ask your self what do i want what do i need what do i deserve no1 knows these answers better then you do

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