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October 7, 2012

Robert asks…

Who here lives in NYC?

First off, I wanna move to NYC. All I would be able to afford would be around $950 / mnth. For rent. Its just me,myself & I so all I need is a one bedroom/one bath. Do u think I would be able to get an apt for this price in the bronx or brooklyn? In a safe place? Also, how much r ur bills all together? Water,car,insurance,rent,etc?

Administrator answers:

I think that is an unrealistically low number.

$1,500 a month is more realistic.

Ken asks…

Landlord issues?

I’m having issues with my apt in NYC. Is it true that if you send a letter to your landlord about repairs that are needed. They have 30days to do it. If they don’t fix it you can pay for it to be done and charge it to the landlord, or deduct it from the rent? Also, if you anyone has a good website regarding these issues please send it.

Administrator answers:

I have heard that too, but I’ve never tried it. You may want to look up a real estate lawyer and run the question by them. Many lawyers give a free consultation.

Mark asks…

Is 604 square feet small for a 1bedroom in NYC?

I was offered a 1bedroom in a brand new NYC apartment. I haven’t seen it yet, because the building is still under construction but I am not sure if this is small for a brand new apt. I will be the only person living there and I have no pets. the amenities are too attractive to turn down. they are..
Modern Kitchens with Energy Star appliances and lighting

Bamboo Flooring


Individually controlled a/c and heating units

Window Blinds

Laundry on Premises

Roof Deck **

Prewired for Verizon FIOS and TIME WARNER CABLE

Professionally Landscaped Outdoor Spaces

Controlled Entry Building Access

Pet Friendly Community

Heat and Hot Water included in Rent

Administrator answers:

A 10X10 room is 100 ft^2. That size room is about typical in modest communities for a second, third etc. Bedrooms. 600 Square feet is a livable space for a couple. It may feel slightly small but you won’t have a laundry room eating up space and if you hang a flat panel TV you will realize more living space by doing so. In addition there would only be one bath. If that bathroom eats space with a huge tub and separate shower along with big counters with double sink it could be just a waste of space. Look it over critically but it sounds like a very doable situation to me.

Good luck, hope this helps


Richard asks…

New York City apartment question?

Okay, so this is the first year I have rented an apartment in the city, and my last. The only thing is, is that my lease is until the end of June, and I want to go and take a trip by at least the beginning of June. My rent is expensive, so I don’t want to lose a whole month. Also my apartment is furnished, and I don’t particularly want any of the furniture I have now (its all second hand stuff), and would prefer just to leave it.

My question, what is the most practical thing for me today do come May? Should I post something on Craig’s list where I advertise a furnished apartment with a 13 month lease (where they would just sublet from me and then take over my lease come the end of June), so I don’t have to deal with my furniture? I should I try to get someone to sublet it for a month and have them ditch the furniture after?
I think about this all the time and am so stressed about how I am going to get out of here to take a trip, but not lose a whole month worth of rent doing it.
Anybody with any kind of NYC apt experience have any advice?

Administrator answers:


Check your lease and make sure you are allowed to sublet. If so, post an ad on Craigslist advertising the place for a one month sublet. It shouldn’t be a problem finding someone. Try subletting it for the price of rent for the month plus a one month security (for if they trash the place).

With the furniture, you may offer it to whoever is going to sublet the place. You could always leave it there, but then you’d more than likely not get your deposit back. Or, start selling the stuff on Craigslist now.

Another option: At the end of the month, put up a Craigslist ad for free furniture. People will come by and take it all, I’m sure.

I’ve sublet my place before while going on trips. It saves you a ton of money.

Good luck!

William asks…

How to fight my landlord in court ?(nyc)?

i was illegally evicted from my apt(having all my stuff removed by the land and place on the curb which was thrown away) and placed back in 3 days lata by the courts now i received papers sayin i need to appear in court next week which where slid under my door what can i do????
Additional Details
rent was paid a little late every month($50 late fee always payed) apt was a little messy nothing crazy i used to work for him when i left for a better job all hell broke loose i owed him 300 for the last month now its 2300 for the 2 months we refuse to pay and we have started to sue him for damages of $28,000+ and on top of this i lost my job by taking time to deal with this matter

Administrator answers:

Although I am not up on NYC laws, most states require you to be personally served (placed in your hand) for someone to win money. It sounds like you have not personally been served yet. You need to avoid that if at all possible because a process server is probably the next thing at your door.

You can’t just refuse to pay your rent. Some states allow for your to place rent into escrow, but doing so requires court approval and filing the proper document. No matter how you feel about your landlord, withholding rent is the wrong way to handle it. Doing so will only hurt you in the long run.

A countersuit will go a long way to force your landlord to reconsider his position here, but the best solution is still for you to just talk with your landlord and avoid court if he is willing to do so.

There is very little for tenant rights in any state. Although for Maryland, the link below has some great information in leveling the paying field with your landlord.

Susan asks…

Housing Problem in NYC, US. Battling with Landlord?

I lived in an apt in New York City for 8 months up to 7 months ago. The apartment was ill maintained and feature incomplete (in some ways, illegally) for the entire duration of that time (no smoke/carb mon detectors, 7 weeks of no heat/hw – at times in the middle of winter, no lights in half the apt, mold, water problems, shower/toilet failed to work, door lock broken, post office box lock broken, one bathroom _never_ worked for the entire 8 months, etc).

The landlord refused to take or return my calls or letters for the duration. I made complaints at least once per month every month to the dept of housing, multiple inspectors verified many of the problems, and the landlord was ordered to fix the issues in housing court toward the end of my tenancy.

I had a verbal agreement with one member of the management company that I would be compensated for some of the problems (though no figure was discussed), and that I would be allowed to move out before the end of my lease. I moved out after still being unable to get in touch with my landlord (after this agreement was made, but without any written confirmation). I could not reach them, so I mailed one set of keys to their office, and left the other set in the apt (the door lock was broken, which was one of the issues they never fixed). I left a voicemail for them informing them of such, and sent them a letter.

6 months later, they have called me claiming that I owe them rent for the months through my original lease ($10k), refuse to return my security deposit, and refuse to compensate me for these problems. I verbally agreed to pay them $5k for months prior to my departure, not including the security deposit or their compensation, and I sent them a check. They claim they never received the check, and reported my guarantor to a collection agency for the full $10k.

What are my options? Can I take them to civil court? If so, on what grounds? Compensation for the features I paid for but never received? Can I file a civil suit to request that they stop pursuing this? I am willing to pay them for the months prior to my departure ($5k worth), but I feel I should also be compensated for their negligence, and receive my security deposit.

Also, if I can pursue this in civil court, are there any lawyers I can speak to regarding this issue who would be willing to either: 1) Work for funds gathered from the LL (as court costs), 2) Provide a free consultation regarding my options.

Lastly, what are my options with respect to the collection agency? I sent them a letter with proof of the problems, but they haven’t responded, nor will they take or return calls. Is there something I can tell them which would force them to hold off until the landlord and I have settled the issues? I do not want this damaging my guarantor’s credit, but nor am I going to pay them $10k I don’t owe them, when they’ve agreed they owe me!

Thank you for your time,
Wow… This is great… 4 answers:
*) 1 chews me out for not getting one piece of evidence in writing without asking about the circumstances.
*) Another tells me I’m abusing my landlord! Ha! I appreciate the laugh…. because it’s my fault I kept paying him an exorbitant amount for an illegal apartment up until the time he told me I could leave, then didn’t even pursue being compensated until he broke his agreement and jumped on me for money I didn’t owe him.
*) 3 of the 4 didn’t actually read the whole problem before responding. (It seems 1 or 2 of those didn’t read more than a few sentences)
*) 2 of the 4 tell me it’s my fault, without actually answering any of my questions. I’m not asking if it’s my fault… I’m asking what my options are, and which lawyers I can go to. Again, please read the problem before answering it. They -agreed- I could leave, and I -did- take them to housing court.

Thanks for the reference Doran. I really appreciate it! Can anyone else provide any advice?

Administrator answers:

If you are still in NYC contact the lawfirm of Grimble & Loguidice.

Robert Grimble is the best landlord tenant lawyer there is. He fights for the little guy.

He was my lawyer, and I also worked for him for a time…I’ve seen him in action…he is feared!

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