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April 5, 2012

Maria asks…

what is the rent for apt# 3 at 126 St Mark’s Place, nyc, ny?

looking for apt in that building

Administrator answers:

This question has gone four days without an answer. I guess you will have to get lucky and hope that either the landlord, management company, or another tenant will spot your question and provide you an answer.

In the meantime, you might call the management company and ask them. Since you specify a particular apartment, I assume that you are familiar with the building and may indeed live close by. You can always stop by and ask around for the contact if it is unknown at this time.

Good luck with your search for information.

Lizzie asks…

Where should I look online to find apartment rentals in nyc??

Im looking for an apt on nyc to rent…can anyone help me out?

Administrator answers:

Craigslist or the village voice

Sharon asks…

Has anyone ever rented a apt for the weekend in NYC?

I am taking a weekend trip and see on craigslist you can rent an apt for the weekend cheaper than most hotels! Has anyone ever done so?

Administrator answers:

Anything cheap on craigslist is most certainly a scam. The new trend for ripping off unsuspecting travelers is to list prices low and get you to wire a deposit. These scammers are going after quantity over quality in terms of “the score”. Instead of getting one big fish to fork over hundreds or thousands of dollars, they’re hooking in boatloads of people for smaller security deposits. It’s easier to rip off ten people at $200 a pop than one for $1k. It’s also less likely that a person will devote as much effort in recouping their smaller “deposit” as opposed to a larger amount.

Do yourself a favor. If you need the space or just want the NYC experience of staying in an apartment, pay a little more and go with a reputable provider like or .

Good luck!

Susan asks…

how much does welfare give you in nyc to pay rent?

everyy month for an apt of about 1400 a month? 3 people living there? in manhatttan? do they also give you jobs? for the two adults? and how much would you make at those jobs enough to pay off the rest of the rent and bills? we have a baby also so we need enough for that…..and do they have any jobs with computers?

Administrator answers:

Probably more than i make at my 40 hour a week job. That is why i starting working harder. Millions on welfare depend on me..

Carol asks…

Renting a vacation apt. in NYC?

I NEED some NYC HELP!! I am coming to your wonderful city in May (a birthday gift from my hubby, coming with 2 friends). We have never been there (from small town Alberta, Canada). Anyway, I have been on the search for a nice apt. to rent for our 5 days there. We want to stay in Manhattan (perferably Midtown). I have already been scammed once and am now VERY leary about this whole thing…………..Please help!! I really want to experience the wonderful city.

Administrator answers:

My friend, may I recommend the following link below for apartment-like hotels in New York City. You might be lucky to find one in your price range. The hotel listed here have a small kitchen, along with the other usual amenities, that’s why their call apartment-like hotels.

Good luck and happy travels

Ruth asks…

how to negotiate apt rent?

Hi! We’ve lived in this apt for a yr in upper west side, nyc. were on the 2nd flr, i hear everything (cars, people) on the street, the super does not fix anything we request that needs to be fixed…like chipping paint, a leak that has destroyed a part of the wall (looks like its melting), the intercom doesnt work. haha, sounds awful, but we want to stay because the space is good.
we pay 2900mo. were going to get next yr’s lease tomorrow and i dont think ill like it…how do i attempt a negotiation of our rent for this 1br, 1ba to be 2500-2600?

thank you for you advise!!

Administrator answers:

He will just tell you to pack up and go. He will not have a hard time finding someone willing to pay for that space.

David asks…

Tenant refusal to Pay Rent in NYC Apartment Building?

How long can you refuse to pay rent for much needed repairs without getting evicted. I have a documented health condition that effects my health. I asked the super and the management company to do the repairs for years. The tiles are coming up, they never painted my apt for seven years, mold is growing on the walls. I clean it and it comes back. The exterminor comes every four months or so. My doornobs are broken, the tile is falling into the bathtub.
I stood in this apartment because it’s all I can afford for now in the seven years I lived in it. Everytime I tried to move out, a financial crisis comes up. I am on my own literally no family. I am looking to get out soon. I clean the walls with bleach but some still stays behind.

Administrator answers:

No time. You need to obtain a court order in order to set up an escrow account for your rent to go into until repairs are done. None of those are required repairs though, mold does not grow on walls, it grows behind them. You have mildew, which is all over the world with the exception or Antarctica (mold is everywhere too, one of the first life forms on the planet). You can not require maid service, clean the mildew with bleach.

With tile and paint you are not talking about a repair, you are talking about a renovation, something you can not require.

Sandy asks…

rent stabilization in NEW YORK, NEW YORK?

Question: is it accurate or not?…..A person living in a rent stabilized apt in NYC (specifically) need to LIVE in the said apt for 6mos plus 1day and legally rent out the apt for the remaining time. Pls do not refer me to a NYC website, I have visited and it does not speak on this issue. Pls, give very specifics. THANK’S.

Administrator answers:

Whether you can legally sublet depends on your lease and your building owner. I lived in a rent-stabilized building in the 1970s in NYC and people were always subletting illegally by giving the Super a payoff. If the NY Housing laws do not cover this, probably you are not allowed to sublet. Ask the Super.

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