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May 5, 2012

Donna asks…

NYC or Atlanta should we RUN for NYC to ATLANTA?

I am married and living in NYC Queens to be exact we own our apt out-right and was trying to get a home with the backyard garage the entire 9.But we have been to Atlanta in May and loved it! But there area couple of problems,we HATE to new sub-division rules and regulations but there are alot of homes with-out all the rules,I work in NJ as a CDL A class driver she works in NYC in International export she has an office in Lacrosse GA I don’t,with that said I would have to look for a job also her if they refuse her request.NYC is so expensive even if you own and we are looking for change but scared.If we do decide we’ll rent the apt in NYC and the rent should assist in our expenses there.Even as the market is down real-estate in NY is out of our reach even if we were to buy a house with a backyard and garage.Should we go? We were looking at Gwinnett County Lawrenceville or Marietta Cobb County

Administrator answers:

Where is Lacrosse, GA. I’ve never heard of it and it does not appear on google maps. My advice is to move as close to your job as possible. Atlanta has great neighborhoods in every county, so you should not have trouble finding a nice home.

If you don’t want to deal with the Home Owners Associations, which I don’t blame you, there are plenty of neighborhoods that do not have them, but most are older homes. You can also find New homes that are not in planned neigborhoods, but there aren’t as many.

I live in Cobb county, and I wouldn’t live in any other county. We have decent schools, nice neighborhoods and the lowest taxes in the metro area. If you have children, make sure you check the schools in the area. Every county has some that are better than others.

You will love the weather, You get all four seasons, but winters are not harsh and not long. You will enjoy seeing lots of trees but if you don’t have allergies, you soon will. Most people who move here will have an allergy spell once in a while.

Good luck with your move.

John asks…

what is the best way to begin working at a property management company?

i would like to manage property at the company for a rent free apt in nyc…thank you… any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Start with an application

Carol asks…

apt rentals in nyc?

Does anyone know about an apt that i can rent out for a 2 nite stay in nyc?

Administrator answers:


James asks…

What is considered a comfortable salary if you wanna stay in NYC?own a car…rent a apartment in town?

-for a couple with 1 toddler
-own a honda
-stay in a 2bedroom apt in a reasonable hood
-eat dinner out on the weekends
-have decent lunches – not just hotdogs/burgers
-contribute to a retirement savings plan and have some savings leftover for yearly holidays to like europe/asia and maybe wkend getaway/ trips to the folks out of town like once every 2 mths or so
-have a spouse work part time(earning enough for like her pocket $$) while taking care of the kid

-80K-100k after tax at the min is what i’m guessing
gabound75> thanks….i probably think that nyc will be more exp then…probably need more…unless i cut down on the holidays and maybe not eat out every wkend…unless my wife like brings in more $$$
sonofagunk> u really got me thinking now…sheesh…it’s almost like out of the question now…and a new jersey commute isn’t what i was going for and working in NJ is something i’ve not even considered…and i don’t think i can bargain for more $$…ditch the car ..and hopefully my wife finds fulltime work there too..and then maybe…are there any lawyers /acct who kept help with getting the taxes to like 20-30 %..hmm…and rentals …i was figuring 2 to 3 grand max but not 3.5!?

Administrator answers:

Each month It will cost you:
$3500 for rent
$350 to park your car
$400 for CAR INSURANCE (you do NOT need a car here, you will only use it 2x a month)
$800 to eat out Friday and Sat (assuming 4 weekends a month)
Lunch is $10/day. For both of you, 30 days a month, another $600.
You also need $76/each for the subway.

That comes to $69K/year. Since you will have to pay federal, state and NYC tax, you are only go to bring home 60% of your salary. So that means $115K salary, you put the max in your 401K, that puts you at $130500.

Now you need a lot of other stuff. So I would say $200K.

I live here (do not have a kid or a car), so I have some idea what I am talking about.

Ditch the car. There is no where to park, and no where to drive to. Just take cabs and the subway like the rest of us.

Also, you need $7K or so in relator fees to get you started

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