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Your Questions About Apt For Rent In San Francisco

February 19, 2012

John asks…

I rent in San Francisco and I’ve been at my place a little over 2 years. What repairs can I ask for?

Specifically I would like the apt re-painted, the shower re-caulked, and some of the windows replaced. Everything is still functional, but definitely a little worn. Basically, it’s not in the same condition when I originally signed the lease.

What tenant right do I have to request the above?

Administrator answers:

It is the renter who is responsible to keep up the condition. If you want to paint you need their permission, but they do nothave to pay for decoration. Unless it has not been painted in 10 years they have no obligations to paint, as the paint is not “worn”. It should have been in good condition when you moved in.

The windows have to be broken to force a change, and you can be charged if they break while you are the tenant. Depending on how old the windows are, this would run from 300 to a couple thousand per window. If the window is old the actual building needs to be recut or rebuilt and that is why it cost so much.

Chris asks…

apt search between sunnyvale and south san francisco?

wife works in sunnyvale and me in south san fran. need to rent a place in between where rent is low and commute for both of us is easy. would appreciate any suggestions!!

Administrator answers:<it started in San Fransisco.. So I know there are some kick butt places on here that will help you in your search!

Donna asks…

How does a parking spot affect the rent split?

My 2 friends and I are looking at a 3br apt in San Francisco that comes with a parking spot, and I don’t have a car but one of my friends does. Assuming all other things are equal, how does this affect the rent split? I don’t want to seem like a jerk because I don’t even have a car, but I’d like for things to be fair. Help!

Administrator answers:

Since you don’t have a car-Why Worry ? If you or someone else gets one-worry about it then.

Carol asks…

whats the cheapest san francisco suburb to live in?

rent wise. im looking for a 1 bed room apt.

Administrator answers:

I think it would be Fremont or in/around Alameda county. Hayward’s also very less expensive but it’s not the safest place from what I’ve heard.

Joseph asks…

What city do you live in? how much for rent?

Here near San Francisco,California, one bedroom $1500/month( about 500 sq ft), shared $600 for 100 sq ft room.

But some people live inrent control” apartment for over 20 years, that is exception( about $600 for 1 bedroom apt).

How about your city?

Administrator answers:

Here is a small town in south central Kansas a one bedroom would rent for $150 to $200/mo.

Susan asks…

NYC vs. San Francisco?

So been living in NY for the past 10 years (immigrated from poland when i was 12)… The people here are nasty and rude, I hate the cold, I have no parking spot (ever), the trains are a pain to take and driving to anywhere is pure stupidity (finding parking anywhere is like looking for a pot of gold).

So even though the trade off would be higher living expenses in CA, i am assuming i can easily find an room/apartment/townhouse for rent with a parking or garage and maybe a lawn in a decent neighborhood and all-year-round nice weather.

Note i am paying 1500$ for a 1 and a half bedroom apt, 1 living room, 1 bathroom and tiny yard. Living in a OK neighborhood. Street cleaning everyday so i have to move my baby not to mention people always hit my bumpers while parking.

How right am I? What can i expect moving to California? I applied to law schools there already so would like to learn everything i can about the living conditions there.

Administrator answers:

I was born and raised in San Francisco and I travel to New York frequently so I know what you mean. I absolutely love SF, yeah there are some not so nice areas, but what place doesn’t have them?! You can find a nice place out here for under $1,500, i suggest you come out here and get a feel for the areas in which you would like to surround yourself with. Parking is a pain on wknds, but nothing compared to NY. This is a place where you can have it all…Walking on the pier with city life on one side and beautiful, green, scenery & blue water on the other. Trust me, we’ll welcome you with open arms. G’luck

Laura asks…

My mother is unemployed, how can she get benefits and cheap rent?

I am seeking an advice for my mother.

My mother is in early 50s, and my family is going thru financial difficulties. My parents are getting divorced, and they are going through paper work. My mother, sister and I get no financial aid from my father. I have a full-time job that pays me just about enough so I can support myself. My mother has been working as a dental lab technician, and recently got laid off. So we do not even have money to pay for rent and utilities. We live in Bay Area. My sister goes to school in San Francisco, and I work in San Francisco. We are green card holders, and we moved to US 7 years ago.

I want to know what kinds of benefits my mother can get from the government. My mother has already talked to EDD, but that’s pretty much it… Is there any way we can get a cheaper rent (rent control apt) or something? Medical benefits? Food stamps? I don’t know where to start! Any suggestion would be VERYYY helpful!!

Thank you so much for responses.

My mother can’t speak English. That really reduces her market choice, and she told me that the market for dental lab is really bad… She is not disabled but she really has language problem. And I could say that she is kinda stubborn since she has been working as a dental lab tech so long she refuses to work at other places… frustrates me…
and my sister is 21… She is a bit irresponsible, since she was spoon fed until my parents recently separated. I do all the paper work basically, take care of everything. Even her own paper work. I really want to teach her something, but I am not so good at that…

Administrator answers:

Call a local women’s shelter and they will know where to apply for anything she might get.
Are you and your sister minor children? If you are adults maybe your mom can come live with you if she can’t afford rent. She should get unemployment and if you are minor children she could get child support.
She can work as a temp maybe in a dental lab until she lands a new job.

Richard asks…

How much is the average rent in the Omaha Metro Area? (please read details)?

Hi I am trying to move with my best friend to Omaha from San Francisco. I’m looking for apartments to rent on craigslist but, there are so many ads that are fake and/or weekly rentals. We need a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment. I’m trying to get an idea of a price point since clearly the cost of living is very different. Below is the type of answer I’m looking for (about San Francisco):

San Francisco:

Good Neighborhood:
1 BR Apt – $1600
2 BR Apt – $2000

Average Neighborhood:
1 BR Apt – $1400
2 BR Apt – $1800

Bad Neighborhood:
1 BR Apt – $1150
2 BR Apt – $1400

Currently Paying: $1400 for a 1 BR in average neighborhood.

Help Please!

Administrator answers:

I know you are looking for an answer that is structured in a certain way, but let me make this easy for you. Try Hillsborough Pointe Apartments at the corner of 144th and Maple. I lived in Omaha for one & a half years at this property. It’s beautiful, clean, and they are great with snow removal during winter. I would see the maintenance guy with the snow blower outside at 5AM, absolutely freezing, but clearing the sidewalks for the tenants.

The complex is located on the west side of the city, also known as the most affluent part of the city. There is a Lowe’s and Michaels across the street, and several restaurants in the area. Oakview Mall is fifteen minutes away. There are 3 grocery stores, all within about 5-7 minutes. Please, I urge you to stay away from north Omaha (heavily crime ridden) and south Omaha.

I never had any problems when living here, unlike other places. The tenants are generally older. In other words, it’s not a complex that’s been taken over by drunken partiers. They have a security patrol nightly–it’s an outside company with whom they contracted that drives around the complex and makes sure things are safe.

The floorplans are very spacious. I lived in one that was a little over 960 square feet for $600/month. I believe the price on that one was a little over $700/ month, but we got a deal for signing a 12-month lease. We visited MANY properties, and Hillsborough by far had the best prices for the size of the apartments. Also, the property is relatively new.

Now let’s get to the negative parts. The carpet in the buildings (not the units) needs replacing. It’s not horrible, but I think after people trudging in snow and other stuff year after year, it’s time they changed it out. The staff–Cathy Harrison, the manager is very professional and will address any situations that may arise. But to get to her, you have to get through the other office ladies first. Esther is a bum. She really doesn’t know anything and really, she doesn’t care either. There’s another lady that works in the office (can’t remember her name) and she is by far the worst. She will not greet you or even acknowledge your presence if you should stop in. She is VERY rude and very curt.

Also, if you are looking for something that’s more urban/trendy, try downtown (the Old Market area). There’s nice-looking places there, but you would likely be paying over $1,000, but still under the $1,400 you pay now. I can’t vouch for the safety, cleanliness, or types of neighbors you would have there (although I believe it’s mostly young professionals).

Mark asks…

Buying a loft, one bedroom apt or condo? good luck!?

So my friend just told me that If I am making about $60K in SF, its almost impossible to buy anything in San Francisco with $20K down payment. Even if I get a loan, it will be a really bad deal. Is this true? Is San Francisco out of control and only for the wealthy? Should I even try or keep renting, by the way, my rent is $500 per month (in law). Thank you

Administrator answers:

All of California is pretty much out of control. $500 is really good in San Fran. Although it is still $500 down the drain for you. Go to your bank and see what they can do. Or offer to buy what you’re renting from your in-laws as a rent-to-own type of thing.

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