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August 5, 2013

Linda asks…

Where is the cheapest, closest, safe apartment complex near the Naval Nuclear Power Training Command?

I start at power school in a few months, and I’m looking for an apartment very close to base. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs to be safe and relatively cheap. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom — any ideas/suggestions?

Administrator answers:

If I remember correctly, the training center is actually in Goose Creek. I looked that up on craigslist, and lo…


and double lo:

(you’ll need to zoom out a lil to see the base)

Find a roomate, or two (likely as not there will be someone wanting to live off base) and you’re set.

Mandy asks…

How much USD would I need to live a good life in Brazil per month?

Preferably the country side of Brazil because I heard its the cheapest. How much is a nice 1 bedroom apartment for rent? food? going out? also what kind of job would an american get if he’s going to school at the same time? Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Hi Roger,

the cost of living in Brazil is very similar to the U.S. At a comparable living standard. Brazil is along with Chile the most expensive country in South America.

In order to get a job in Brazil you need to speak Portuguese more or less fluently. However, the biggest challenge is to get a residence visa which also allows you to work. Unless you are a highly qualified and experienced professional in a field where there are shortages in Brazil, your chances to get a rsidence permit are very slim.

Anyway, good luck.

Mark asks…

What are the average Utility Bills for a 2 bedroom Upstairs apartment in Albuqurque, NM?

I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada and am looking to move to Albuqurque, New Mexico and want to know what the average utility bills are for a 2 bedroom Upstairs apartment approximately 1100 square feet of living space. For electricity in the Summer I pay 160 for a 1 bedroom apartment, For Gas, I pay about 25, and in the winter Gas is more and electricity is less. I appreciate any answers and Ball Park figures you might have. Thank you so much!

Administrator answers:

I think you are pretty close with the figures you used. Year round $90 for electric. Many apartments include water. If not, $30 includes sewer and trash. Gas is cheap. Much of NM is all-electric. Cable tv is $30. Telephone company ads say $19.99 but it’s always $35.

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