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October 28, 2012

Mary asks…

How much would it cost a year to live in a 1 bedroom apartment for all expenses?

I’m looking at a cheap 1 for 300 bucks a month, and I’m just curious as to some estimates of what it’ll cost.

Administrator answers:

It really depends on where you are. Look at Ads in your local paper; you’ll probably have to settle with an efficiency type apartment. Also, look into renting with roommates or just renting a room. That’s a very low amount to be willing to spend with everything inclusive; hopefully you live in a small town.

Sharon asks…

hello there, anyone knows a cheaper 1 bedroom apartment in españa, sampaloc manila? needed by July10-Oct.2008

preferably with airconditioned room. needed by july 10-october 10, 2008. and must be near review schools located in the vicinity of sampaloc.
preferably w/ 1 airconditioned bedroom, budget is between 6-8thou/month. 1t&b & kitchen. must be in the vicinity of marine review center in sampaloc. I need a house/townhouse/apartment coz my wife, my kid and helper will live with me for 3-months ((july10-Oct.10, 2008). pls help. tnx

Administrator answers:

Suggest you try Windsor Inn at Maceda Street near Amoranto (Retiro) Street and across 7-11 convenience store of Dimasalang Street right in the heart of Sampaloc. Very nice, rooms with color TVs and international cable channels. They can give big discounts for long-term guests like your 3 months. Suggest you email them at for inquiry and reservation, or call their office at 3762233 or 4151692 or 4112311, look for Ms. Janet Cacho the supervisor, she gave my uncle a special discount. The 24-hours telephone at Windsor Inn is 7118679.

What I like about Windsor Inn is the great location near everything and near public transport, the nice architecture of a former mansion converted into a charming inn…my uncle said the staff were friendly and give good service to guests. Staying in this affordable place is much much better than any apartments.

Hope these informations are helpful.

Enjoy your Philippine trip!

Mark asks…

best way to find a cheap apartment or efficiency in around kendall?

i’m looking for a new efficiency or a very cheap 1 bedroom apartment.
how should i go about finding a place?
i’ve looked on craigslist and some other sites but i lurk forever and can’t find anything that matches what i need.
i need to find places in my price range in somewhat of a specific area.
if you guys have any tips, good websites or anything else that could help it would be really appreciated.
thanks <3
i live in miami. the problem with college ads is that they all want like single students. i need a place to move in with my bf and 2 pets.
thanks for the help though =)

Administrator answers:

I don’t know where kendall is but the best way to find 1 bedroom apartments what i find is going into a local community college and checking out the bullten boards. They prob have loads of single bedrooms on the display. Im not sure about websites since i have no idea what city your in.

Richard asks…

I am planning a move to Seattle from Houston, trying to find the cheapest way to move a large 1 bedroom apt?

Moving in December from Houston to Seattle. Approx 2200 miles. Looking for the cheapest way to move a large 1 bedroom apartment. Will drive my 4runner with clothes and personal items, not sure if cheaper to use moving company, u-haul or freight forwarding company for the rest of the stuff. HELP!!

Administrator answers:

Take me with you! I love Seattle!!! Go U-haul.

Donna asks…

What are the cheapest apartments in the united states?

the only thing i found was $300 for a 1 bedroom apartment in indiana. please help me find something cheaper. thanks

Administrator answers:

I use to search for realty prices by zipcode and/or city. Also-if you don’t see any data for your area you can email them your info and they will quickly post home data for your area and email you within a day or two. Pretty convenient.

Daniel asks…

Cheap apartments on OSU campus?

Is there any 1 bedroom apartments under $400 on Ohio State University’s Campus in Columbus, Ohio? I can’t find anything!

Administrator answers:

No, and thats why you cant find anything…

William asks…

What is the cheapest place to live in Australia for a 1 bedroom apartment?

Administrator answers:

Hey Danny
Its difficult to answer your question with the best ideas, because Australia is such a huge continent and you’ve not indicated your preference for state or even east or west coast.
Could you do that so we can help you better?
Basically though, a one bedroom apartment should be about the same in any state, the difference being the location within that state. If you want to be close to the sea, you have no chance for a cheap apartment in any of the main cities. If you’re prepared to live somewhere around an hour out of the city, you’d find something pretty cheap – probably for around $150 or so. I know of an apartment in Melbourne, in a suburb close to the beach, shops and tram which is $160 p/w for a small (and I mean tiny!) studio apartment (where the loungeroom and bedroom and kitchen are all in one room – only bathroom is separate). You’ll also need to expect a one month’s rent as bond and one month’s rent paid in advance when you sign the lease. A lease would be for either 6 or 12 months and you’re bound to stay there for that time.
Hope that helps,

Thomas asks…

How can I get a 1 Bedroom Apartment for less then $600 dollars?

I live in the high desert my moms boyfriend kicked us out on the streets and we need a cheap aparment fast. If anyone can help please do so because we need a home!!….

Administrator answers:

Government subsidising housing. In Florida, I rent one for 485.00
, two bedroom. And it is not the PROJECTS. They are decent. With other hard working people around you. Safe environment and no druggies allowed here.

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