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November 16, 2012

John asks…

Renting a cheap apartment in Rio?

Im an U.S. citizen who’s intrested in living in Rio for 6 months to train BJJ. I’ve looked on the internet for 1 bedroom apartments but haven’t had much luck finding anything reasonable (partly because i don’t speak portugese). How much can i expect to pay for a furneshed 1 bedroom in Rio? What part of town would i likely find it? Im looking for something cheap as possible but still reasonably safe. I.E. I don’t want to get robbed. Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

I live in the neighborhood of Méier, it is in the suburb, I pay of rent R$ 550,00 more R$ 272,00 of condominium tax, the apartment is not furnished, but in the corner has a store that sells pieces of furniture used and me bought my pieces of furniture there did an investment of R$ 1800,00 in pieces of furniture, when I return the apartment the owner of the store buys the pieces of furniture of turn.
The place is safe doesn’t have slums close , has bus for the South area and train downtown, of train it is a they travel of 30 minutes of bus is long plus, I am going to the center in a van. It is comfortable has conditioned air and delay 45 minutes the times delay 1 hour.


Michael asks…

Decent, cheap apartment in western Kansas City?

I’m 18 years old and currently a senior in high school. I’m planning to move to Kansas City after I graduate at the end of the summer and I need to find a studio or 1 bedroom apartment that’s decent and under $500. I’d like it to be in Kansas preferably as close to Shawnee as possible. Does anyone know of such a place?

Administrator answers:

If you’re going to work and/or go to school in Kansas, you would definitely want to live on the Kansas side. Do you have a county preference? Shawnee is in Johnson, which tends to be pricier than in KC.

You could use or (better choice IMO) to help narrow it down per area. If you’re already in the KC metro, stop by a Wal-mart or gas station and pick up a rental listing. They’re free and that’s how I’ve found a few decent places to live. Some of the places in the Johnson county area offer employee discounts if you work for one of the big corps, Sprint, Yellow, Applebee’s, the like. Check for specials, too. Some will give you 100 bucks off first month’s rent if you bring in a coupon from or

I just checked at and there are plenty of places under 500 bucks in the Shawnee area. Just remember that you pay for what you get and that the closer you get to KC and the state line, the more questionable the neighborhoods can be.

I would also suggest you check out once you think you’ve found a good place, just to get some feedback from someone who’s actually lived there.

Hope that helped and good luck!

Ken asks…

Where is a cheap place to live in/near Kissimmee/Orlando Florida?

I know it’s a little contradicting, but I’m looking to move to the Kissimmee/Orlando area of Florida very soon. I’ve looked around at different apartments, but I can’t really find anything cheap. I’m looking for a 1 Bedroom apartment that includes at least electricity (other utilities would be great, but I only need electricity to be included). I’m not looking to pay more than $450 a month. It would be great if you could give me some feedback of places you live at/know of.

Administrator answers:

Well, there are not many places out there for under $450 a month, but you may be able to find a mobile home. There are many listings on For example, the Millennium Pointe Apartments on 4255 Barwood Dr. In Orlando range from $400 to $915. The $400 is likely to be one bedroom as well. Regency Oaks Apartments in Fern Park, which is near Orlando seem to be nice and start at $450. Maitland Gardens, which is in Orlando, has a pool but start at $475. I hope I could help and would recommend websites like and

Sharon asks…

Whats an Cheaper pet to have for a 1 bedroom Apartment living in the city, A small dog or cat?

Administrator answers:

Cats are alot cheaper but i think dogs are more fun

Thomas asks…

Why does it seem cheaper to get a two bedroom apartment in Uptown Manhattan than a 1 bedroom?

I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Harlem and Washington Heights between 110 and 175 on the West Side, however why is it that I cannot find a 1 bedroom for under $1000 a month, but I can find either a 2 or 3 bedroom for between $1200 and $1600. I have been seeing 1 bedrooms for $1200 in the same areas. I don’t get it. Also, why am I seeing “unrenovated” 1 bedroom apartments for the same cost of 1 bedrooms I would find South of 59th Street. I am so frustrated!

Administrator answers:

That’s because apartments are priced according to desirability, not according to size.

So, if more people want one-bedrooms than want two-bedrooms, they’ll cost more, simple as that.

Good luck!… ?

Helen asks…

Anybody know of any cheap housing?

Looking for a cheap 1-2 bedroom apartment around the Frederick/Walkersville area.

Administrator answers:

This is not a search board for rentals. Look at your online classified for your local newspaper, or Craigslist.

Sandy asks…

Where are some cheap, fully furnished apartments near Loyola University in New Orleans?

I’m looking for a 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath fully furnished apartment in a good neighborhood in New Orleans. I have to take the street car back and forth to Loyola University everyday, so I need an apartment on the street car line, or at least a block from it. I also need an apartment that’s reasonably priced ($400-700).

Administrator answers:

You can try craigslist and search for local apartments for rent classifieds. I found some nice options for your requirements.

$695/1br – Nice 1-bedroom on S. Carrollton (Uptown/University)
This beautifully decorated 1-bedroom apartment is perfectly nestled beneath the Carrollton oaks. You’re sure to love its location tight on the streetcar line. Apartment amenities include kitchen, wood floors, plenty of closet space and A/C. You can call 504-899-RENT for more info.

If you need more options, you can visit the craigslist by yourself at:

Craigslist is really a great source for local life. It always has comprehensive info for local living, including jobs, rental cars, services and housing and apartments and more. The website below can give you some innovative ideas on the use of craigslist.


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