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December 21, 2012

Thomas asks…

Looking for a 1 Bedroom Apartment in the Ottawa Area.?

Im currently going to be attending carleton university but i can only seem to find either a one bedroom in a 3-4 bedroom house or sharing an apartment. i want a ONE bedroom apartment just for myself. does anyone know of any cheap ones in the ottawa area? preferrably under $600 i’m a female and am looking for this asap as i start university in september.

Administrator answers:

$600 is pretty low for a 1 bedroom. Student housing where people share a place are pretty cheap. Likewise dumps are pretty cheap. Nice places though tend to be expensive in Ottawa. I pay $2753/month for a 1 bedroom and when I was looking the cheapest I found that I considered nice was $1600 and it had no parking.

I did find this one though it is $600 and they have a unit in the same building for $700. Unfortunately it is in Vanier which is not the best area and is also far from Carleton.

Http:// is $700 but probably better for you.

Everything else goes up to over $800 pretty fast but here is the rest of the MLS listings

Linda asks…

how much money does it take to fully furnish a 1 bedroom apartment in the bay area (CA) ?

Spending the money moderately. not going wild but also not going the cheapest possible.

Administrator answers:

A s much as you want to spend . You can buy from aretailer or you can go to close out stores, 2nd hand stores , antiques stores and estate and house sales for great bargains . We furnished our entire house from estate sales and it is a 5 bedroom large home and we did for under 12,000.00 complete .

Nancy asks…

how much does a 1 bedroom apartment cost in san fransisco?

i want a cheap room but in a safe neighborhood within walking distance of interesting things

Administrator answers:

About 900 bucks a month. But remember you have to pay first months rent, last months rent and a security deposit (usually a months rent).

So in total move in costs for a one bedroom apt for 900/month is 2,100 dollars.

Sandy asks…

how much to replace carpet 1 bedroom apartment?

i live in a 1 bedroom apartment (im not sure of square footage i would guess about 650 sq ft) im moving out and have to replace was the cheap stuff(u pull 1 string and the whole line gets pulled out) i want to shop around for estimates to compare… how much (approx) would it cost to replace with cheap carpet and low cost padding (including installation) where can i get best deal? i want something that actually gets a written estimate so i can present it to landlord… i want to replace exactly the same kind of carpet(cheapest possible)..please advise
also… do i have to accept the estimate the landlord gets or can i compare .. i live in NC
my landlord estimate was $750 please advise

Administrator answers:

I’m carpeting about 600 sq ft of my home and have been looking for discount carpet also. The cheapest I’ve found so far was 89 cents per sq but it was a local store that carries discontinued or overstocked flooring and they didnt have enough of the same

Paul asks…

Should I move out or stay home ?

Okay, so I’m 21 years old and I work full time and I make about 43,000 dollars a year. I found a cheap 1 bedroom apartment for 1,100 dollars a month. I live home now basically for free. I only pay 300 dollars a month at home, but I hate living home and following my parents rules. Should I move out or stay home ?

Administrator answers:

Personally, I would move out because I would like to get out of my parents house as soon as possible. But then again, with the money that you are making I would try to bear with it so that I can get as much money as possible. With this economy you never know what could happen and when your going to need a amount of money.

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