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July 1, 2013

Steven asks…

Can college student force roommates girlfreind to pay rent or sublet???

My roommate has currently been living with his girlfriend in our 2 bedroom apartment and I haven’t really minded. I’m going back home for the summer and need to find a sublet. However, finding a sublet with her living here will be difficult. If she is living here “unofficially” and will continue to, is there anyway to force to her to take over the lease (In Massachusetts)??? If I find a sublet, is it possible to force his girlfriend to pay at least 1/3rd of the rent and bills,(with my current roommate who is staying here paying the other 1/3) since she is living here? That way the rent would be 30% cheaper and it be easier to find a subletter.
Thanks in advance for your time and helping a student ;-)

Administrator answers:

I don’t think you can force her to do anything. Tell the landlord and you all might get evicted for lease violations. I would talk to your roommate first, in as friendly a tone as possible. You may have screwed yourself by letting her stay there for free.
Good luck

Michael asks…

Legality and responsibility of renting a 1 bed flat, with no windows in the bedroom?

I am in the uk, I have recently signed the contract for a 1 bedroom apt, however on viewing the property I have found that the bedroom which is advertised as having one window in the bedroom, infact has no windows. It is a first floor apt with no alternate exit from the bedroom, (just the one door) looking online it seems that this doesn’t meet up to code. What I am wondering is that if this isn’t legal, is it the landlord that would get in trouble, or would it be us for using the room as a bedroom? There is 1 other room in the apartment, however this is the living area, and so cant be swapped.

I realise that I could get my deposit back but I would still like to live there. However due to the situation, and layout it seems unlikely the landlord could afford to restructure the flat. If I were to remove the bedroom door, so that the bedroom was no longer separated from the hallway ( which has a window ) would this make it comply?

Thanks so much in advance, any info would help!

I realise that many people would say just not to bother moving in and get the deposit back, but the landlord is really nice, and the rent is literally the cheapest I have found which is vital as I have nowhere else to live and can’t afford anything more.

Administrator answers:

The fire brigade will do a free inspection to check that the place complies with all the rules.

Once you know the problems, you can phone the Environmental Health Officer at your local council (anonymously if you want) to find out if you or the landlord could get into trouble for that.

Donna asks…

Planning a budget… What are all the bills to expect upon moving out and to Orlando, Florida?

I’m planning to move out of my parents house in a few years and figured now is a good time to start saving. Aside from the initial costs (furniture, moving boxes/vans, deposits and first month’s rent etc), what are all the bills to expect and what are their average costs? I’m looking in the Orlando area, but any of the other cities around it are fine if they’re cheaper and still close-by.

I plan on getting either a studio or 1 bedroom apartment, likely on a 2nd or 3rd floor, I’m very conservative with energy, ac/heat and water, and I’m planning for having nothing included just in case. I won’t have a pet at the time, nor do I smoke/drink/gamble. I’ll be driving roughly 40 miles per day on a 28mpg car, so I’m just averaging that out to filling up my 13 gallon tank once a week at $4 per gallon.

So far, I have Electricity, Phone (cell, no home phone), Internet, Cable, Water, Trash, Fuel (for my car), Renter’s Insurance, Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Rent, Food, Toiletries, Gas (heat and stove, if any are gas), and Laundry (if no washer/dryer in apartment).

The estimates I have monthly so far are Electricity: $70-$150, Phone: $2-$50-$62, Internet: $52, Cable: $45-$79, Water: $50, Trash: $25, Fuel: $220, Renter’s Insurance: $16, Car Insurance: $125, Health Insurance: $450, Rent: $500, Food: $170, Toiletries: $50, Gas: $40, Laundry: $17.

What bills/payments am I missing, and do my estimates seem correct? Personal experience from anyone who lived or is living there is much appreciated, but any thoughts/opinions are welcome.

Thank you for reading such a long post and thank you in advance to any answers. If more details are needed, just let me know.
I’ll be attending college and hope to be fully fluent in Spanish by then as bilingual workers are appreciated in almost any career type. I plan on working full-time, so after taxes and including other sources of income, I’ll be taking home roughly $1950 per month.

Hopefully some utilities will be included, gas is generally not used in Florida and I probably won’t have time for cable, so I expect to be paying around $1700 monthly in bills, but even if absolutely nothing is covered I won’t be in the red-zone, though I won’t have as much left over as I’d like. If I’m particularly lucky, my parents may pick up some of the bills (such as leaving me on their health insurance plan, they have much cheaper rates than I would be able to get for myself), but I’m not counting on it.

I should have at least $15,000 in savings by then (halfway there, so far) and plan on using $3,000-$5,000 of that to cover initial expenses (deposits, initial rents, furniture, moving

Administrator answers:

Plan on paying first months rent, last months rent & a security deposit when signing a lease for an apartment.

Ken asks…

How much do you get from SSI disability each month?

And what is it for? And how do you survive on it monthly?
I get $1,500 for Social Anxiety/Kidney Problems. I live alone in a 1 bedroom apartment in the San Fernando Valley (where rent is cheaper). And I get by ok.

Administrator answers:

I wish I got that….FUCK! I need a job.

Nancy asks…

Please what area in Ontario can i rent a one bedroom apartment for like $250usd a month?

Please what area in Ontario can i rent a one bedroom apartment for like $250usd a month.

Administrator answers:

Try That’s what I’m using to find my apartment, and it is great at finding a house/apartment in your budget. It shows a map and lets you put the zipcode and min/max amount you can afford, plus it has pictures and description. Hope this helps :)

3719 Oak Creek Dr APT F, Ontario, CA is for sale for $269/mo. 1 BR, 507 sq ft. The cheapest for rent I could find in that area was $845/month. Keep looking!! :)

Mary asks…

What is the basic salary for a sales manager in Dubai?

I need to know as well the rent for 1 bedroom MODERN fully furnished apartment, detailed cost of living (not living on the cheap!)

Administrator answers:

Your salary will depend on your nationality, your qualification, degree, experience, your negoation skills and the company itself. The field you’ll be working in may also have an impact of your salary.

The salary can be as low as AED 5K (Indian sales manager of an Indian Supermarket) or much higher on the said above.

For rents please check (property section) and for living costs please check Resolved Answers or the net period because this question was ask and answered hundreds of times already.

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