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October 25, 2012

Lizzie asks…

How much would rent be for 1 person living in a small apartment in the UK?

I’m trying to get the cheapest rent possible, I’m thinking a small apartment, one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room, maybe a joint living room and kitchen if it would be cheaper? How much would this cost per month? and do you know any cheaper alternatives? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

The UK is a large area, with massively variable rental prices.

Look on RightMove for prices wherever it is you want to live.

A single room in a shared house is cheaper than renting your own flat. Studio flats are the cheapest flats to rent.

Don’t forget to factor in bills (water, gas, electricity), tv license, phone, internet, council tax, insurance…

Jenny asks…

Where can i find 1 bedroom cabin, studio, apartment, or a room for RENT in Ruidoso, NM?

I’m moving to Ruidoso NM and would like to get a few ideas on a place and prices(monthly not daily). I am going to start a job and would like to start off some where cheap and reasonable at the beginning.

Administrator answers:

Try putting up an ad on craiglist

Robert asks…

Where Can I Find Cheap Housing?

I am looking for cheap housing in Davison MI. I have looked on and similar sites, even craigslist. I like craigslist because people offer to rent rooms and split rent. Are there any other sites similar to craigslist where I can find people who are looking for roommates? Or any sites where I can find CHEAP rent on studio / 1 bedroom apartments

Administrator answers:

Google your area and type in flats. There are usually websits that auto pops up about renting flats/rents.
The best tip I can give you if im honest is to try out a flat first as it’s much cheaper. And not to rent by yourself if you are looking to rent a house, get someone to help pay rent and give you company.

Have you tried to advertise youself? Put a flier up insisting you are looking for a house to rent, how much you are looking pm and for someone to get back to you if they have info and looking to rent somewhere. Good luck.

David asks…

looking for a cheap apartment in puerto la cruz venezuela?

im thinking about moving there for a month or so and would like to rent a 1 bedroom apartment. i dont want to spend more then 400 dollars. does anyone know a wesbite or any connections. ive searched the web and everything is very expensive. thanks

Administrator answers:

Go this link..

Donald asks…

Where are the cheapest clean apartments in Dothan, AL for a single person?

Looking for a studio-1 bedroom apartment for the lowest possible rent and that is clean and in a descent location.

Administrator answers:

You should ask a real estate agent who specializes in rentals. This directory is really helpful if you’re looking for a good one:

good luck ;)

Maria asks…

What’s a good way to secretly break a boom box without it being noticeable?

Okay I have a problem, someone in the house has a really loud boom box and blares it as loud as they can.
I ******* HATE that person!
It “Yes I say IT because IT is not a human in my eyes.” anyways IT does this on purpose to give me a headache, and there is nothing I can do because it’s not my house. We all live here and pay rent.
It’s BS because under the contract we all signed on what we can and can’t do on the cans was playing music. Which at the time was no problem because I thought the stupid **** was a reasonable polite person. I made sure I respected everything, like not playing my games or tv loud or music or whatever loud when they were sleeping but IT decides to play it as much as possible as loud as possible just to be an *** HOLE!
Okay I’ve tried politely asking to turn it down, but NOPE the stupid **** want’s to be an asshole about it and said “I don’t have to.”
GRRRRRRR ****** *** ******** *** **** ***** !!!!!!!!! >:(

So, how do I like screw up it’s CD player boom box without it knowing someone did something to it?
Like I want to make it look like nothing happened to it, maybe short out a wire or something?
But secretively.

What should I do to screw it up?

Oh, ps, I’ stuck here, I can’t move out because I don’t make enough money to move out.
Everything here is really expensive.
about $880 is the cheapest rent for a 1 bedroom apartment. Not including utilities or anything else.
I only between the 5 of us split the rent so I only pay $150 for rent here.
Yes, there are FIVE of us in a 1 bedroom cheap apartment.
It sucks!
But there isn’t much else I can do!
Unless I want to live in my car “which I have seriously thought about doing.”

Administrator answers:

No matter what, this thing will know that it was you and if they are considerably stronger than you i wouldnt suggest doing anything because once it is broken it will ask you and most likely you wont be able to keep a straight face and even if you can it will still know its you and end up causing alot of trouble,,…… advice is to be a deuchebag back whenever you can and play video games and whatever else as loud as you can while its around and when you need some peace and quiet get earplugs or noise canceling headphones or possibly call the police and say you are the neighbor who is annoyed by the noise or actually have a neighbor call while you are in the room with it so that it cant suspect you and will have to tune it down…..good luck with whatever you do

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