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October 25, 2012

Richard asks…

Which apartment should I rent based on these facts?

Okay, I have the hardest time deciding this! But i have two options. I start work in January and will be making $60,000 a year! Mind you, where I live, these are average rents unless I want to live in an unsafe area, which I don’t! These are my two options.

Apartment 1
1-Bedroom carpet
Rent – $1500
Deposit – None
Lease starts January 15, so I pay $750
Utilities/Other included – Cable, Internet, Parking, Trash.
Appliances: Stove, Fridge, Sink.
Other: No apartment amenities. Pet deposit $750 + Pet Rent $50/month

Apartment 2
Studio – hardwood floor.
Rent – $1663
Deposit – None
Lease starts January 7, January Rent free.
Utilities/Other included – Cable, Internet, Parking, Trash, Gas, Water.
Appliances: Stove, Fridge, Sink, Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher.
Other: Apartment has two-story gym, pool, dog walk path-etc
No pet deposit + $50 a month pet rent.
Completely furnished with brand new furniture.

One is cheap, the other is a little expensive but includes almost everything I need. Here’s what I think my savings will be if I take the more expensive one.

Laundry – $20/week (I do 4 loads a week – Sheets, Towels, Clothes)
January rent – Save $750
No deposit – Save $750
Dishwasher – Save time (I hate washing dishes!)
Gym Membership – $60 a month

The square footage for both apartments is exactly the same! 493 sq ft. And the second one has a balcony. It also have 24/7 security surveillance and a bell man!

Which one should I take? Instant savings or cheap rent? I have no furniture so I would save on furniture costs also. Plus, lease for both is January – June.

Administrator answers:

2 for sure

Jenny asks…

Which areas of Melbourne are reasonably cheap to rent but decent and close to public transport?

My husband and I moved to Melbourne in June and we have a 1 yr lease on a one bedroom apartment on the cusp of Melbourne/South Yarra/Prahran. It’s okay living here but we get seriously ripped off with our rent and we need to minimize our outgoing expenses but increase the size of our place!

My husband works in the CBD and I am studying at ACU on Victoria Pde (so links to Central, Flinders St or Parliament Station are all okay). We don’t mind moving out a bit, but we MUST have good transport links as we don’t have a car and can’t afford to buy one. Zone 2 is okay if the housing is cheap enough!

We are 27 and 31, so ideally we don’t want to live in an area with only retirees, but as I spend quite a bit of time alone and we are also looking to start a family the new area we move to must be safe.

Any information you can give would be really appreciated – we’ve got until June to find a new place so for now we’re just looking around at the different areas and trying to get a ‘feel’ for them. If you need more info let me know and I’ll edit my question.

Administrator answers:

I’ll just give you general knowledge about Melbourne suburbs.
-West is developing (just starting), dodgy and some places are dangerous at night, low to middle income people. Tons of Asian.
-North is multicultural, less dodgy than west and safer, also low to middle income people, and more developed than west. Mix of Asian; Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, and many more.
-South/South-East is magnificent place because they have easier access to the beach and peaceful suburb, already have good facilities, services and development, mostly white people and only certain suburb consist of Asian, for middle to high income family.
-East is the highest among highest. This is where the richest and the best family stay with best development, facilities and shopping malls and best community. Mostly white people as well and only one or two suburb consist lots of Asian.
-City is pretty much high up but you can only find apartment instead of townhouse, or landhouse.

Rent is depend on which suburb and which street you pick. I believe you got the price difference as well based on the suburb location (west, east, city or sometimes else).

There are also two zone in Melbourne; zone 1 and zone 2. It need different ticket to travel except during weekend and only by using weekend ticket. But soon the ticket will be change to myki.
Zone 1 is practically near city and zone 2 is the one further away. Zone 1 will be more expensive than zone 2. Zone 1 will be more develop than zone 2. Zone 1′s land will be smaller than zone 2′s land. And so on, you will figure those out.

Donald asks…

I’m thinking about renting a 1 bedroom apartment instead of two and just sleeping on the couch..?

My 7 year old and I will be moving soon… out of town. There wont be any of our friends and family there and Ill have to pay for day care etc. (his dad passed away during my pregnancy).

With all that being said, I NEED to take the cheapest routes for living there. I have a full time job but I’ll still have tons of other bills in addition to the rent etc.

Should I just rent a 1 bedroom apt since its cheaper and give my son the room? Is that stupid? I really think its best..

Administrator answers:

That would be good. That will save on money.

You can buy your son clothes, food and the shoes he will be out growing.

With the money you save you could get some hospitalization on him.

Sleeping on the couch will have you close to the kitchen and the coffee in the mornings.

Donna asks…

Where should a family rent an apartment in Seattle?

this is just becoming so frustrating i want to find a place where i can just toss money and have a place to live.

IM NOT RICH like i dont have the $1,800 a month to rent. i need something cheaper to rent but at least 2 bedroom for a family. something by colombia city or the airport would be nice thanks.

Administrator answers:

Hmm well even very difficult even free will can find in town overlooking the mir frankly more difficult it is to find

Sandra asks…

How motivated would YOU be to buy instead of continuing to rent??

In my city, it’s literally cheaper to buy than rent, especially in the long run. For years now my city’s had affordably priced housing. As a result, more people have started buying in my area in the past 10 yrs, which has caused prices to skyrocket, but the new higher prices are STILL very very reasonable compared to NY, DC, California, etc.

Right now I’m making roughly $40,000/yr and paying $905/mo for a 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment’s a nice place to live but I feel more and more that it’s a ripoff. My management nickles and dimes us for things like use of the swimming pool…pool passes are NOT covered in our rent, and if we want to bring guests to the pool for a day it’s $7 a pop and we must buy nonrefundable, specifically dated “pool passes” in advance to do this. Because of working two jobs, I’m barely home to enjoy my overpriced apartment, which makes me resent my rent even more.

I know SEVERAL people that make a lot more money than me, but pay LESS for their HOUSES or condos than I do on rent!! For example, the friend that makes $90K/yr and bought his 2bd, 2bath condo for $90K in 2001 when he was the very young age of 23…and yes, the condo’s worth a LOT more than $90K now. Also, my bf…he makes over $100K/yr and he bought his 3bd house in a trendy part of the city in 2001, and pays a total of $800/mo on mortgage ins taxes…and yes his house has nearly doubled in value since he bought it, despite the mortgage crisis. (My city isn’t nearly as affected by the mortgage crisis as other parts of the country)

Meanwhile, my rent keeps going up. Each year, the increase in rent doubles. I predict that next year the rent will be at(or close to) $1000/mo.

Hmmm I don’t need a crystal ball to see what will happen in the next 15 yrs if I rent vs. buy! If I’m renting, I will probably be paying $1500-2000/mo for the same apartment I have now, considering the way rent keeps going up. And once I stop renting, I will have nothing to show for all my years of being the loyal renter…no equity, no property in my name, nothing. On the other hand, if I buy soon with a fixed mortgage(I have a 750 credit score, so yeah I’d qualify), I will be paying the SAME amount each month for a house 15 yrs from now as I will when I first buy it…the exception being tax payments. I will also have equity, and hopefully the house will be worth more in 15 yrs than it is now. Plus, I will have a bigger space for my money, and I will be able to paint the walls in my place any shade I want without worrying about losing any rent deposit.

So for the hairdresser that told me “you don’t have any kids (an assumption on her part)…why not just keep renting for a while??” … I say a big fat NO. >:(

Administrator answers:

So what are you waiting for? I have friends that’s been always want to buy a house but NEVER bought one cos’ buying a house needs GUT. Do you have the GUT to do it? If there’s a will, there’s a way.

Carol asks…

Best way to pay for an Apartment and College?

My boyfriend and I Graduated High school in June 2011. Neither of us got scholarships so we need to pay for College out of our own pockets. Neither of us have had actual jobs EVER. I work at a teen club on Friday and Saturday nights only from about 8pm-1am. On average I get paid about $30-$40 a night. He on the other hand does not have a job at all. His family is moving to Utah and his parents are trying to force him to go. Although he has pretty much decided it’s the best thing for us to just leave Florida and move to Utah. Yes, both of us. Now the problem here is I don’t want to move to Utah away from my family and life down here. So I have been looking all over to find cheap apartments for us to rent so we can both move out and still be able to pay for college. Which is going to be difficult because the cheapest 1 bedroom apartment I could find is about $635 a month and any 2 bedroom places are obviously going to be even more expensive. I was hoping I could get a few ideas of ways to make good money and be able to afford all of our expenses without having to live off of ramen noodles. We are both willing to get jobs. I have personally applied to every store near my home. He, on the other hand, is very picky as to where he works. He wants to work at Petsmart or Radio Shack. Some where with either animals or electronics.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Also, he has a car. I do not.

Administrator answers:

You do not state if you or your boyfriend have determined what school/s of higher education you wish to attend and what you may like to study or the degree you might wish to earn. Without having done that, anything else college/university related will be in limbo.

You do not state early this year (like, say, March) if either of you completed and submitted the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – ) The FAFSA is the form most US college and university financial aid staff members use to determine the amount and type of financial aid they can offer to potential and continuing students. They also use the info on the applicants to their schools to offer them scholarship (merit/grade based) funds

You obviously did not think about saving money to help pay for any little part of your higher education. Many college students started saving cash gifts they received in childhood and what they may have earned doing jobs – putting the money in a college fund in a bank account. Example: By the time I was 18 I and my parents (combined) had enough to cover 2 full years of tuition at the private univ. I attended.

Because it isn’t obvious to me that you followed any of the steps I outlined above, I’m afraid neither of you are even remotely ready for Adulthood 101. It seems both of you will need to stay financially dependent upon each of your parents and follow their wishes on where you each will be living, for one thing. Jobs and money will not be falling from the sky.

When you both can truly hold down jobs that will earn you enough to cover all your living costs and pay for higher education costs not covered by financial aid (that you applied for before the application deadline), then, you can start to think about identifying colleges to attend, completing/submitting the FAFSA or living on your own.

Yes . . . Both of you will need to find paying work that earns you both living wages. Good luck in this economy with high school educations. And especially good luck for your job-picky boyfriend.

I suspect there is a workforce development or jobs center as a division of your county government offices. It is probably located at the county government office building/s at the county seat where you live (same city where the county courthouse is located.) Look up the office phone number in one of those “old fashioned things” called a printed telephone book (government services section) and telephone the right office. Find out about the job-searching services and job-counseling services they provide. Then make appointments (both of you), go there, and learn what the counselors will be trying to teach you. Use their services to help you find jobs. Don’t be surprised if you will only qualify for minimum wage jobs.

In other words, I’m sad to say, I feel you need to mature and learn about all of the responsibilities of being adults. Staying at home with your parents will allow you the time to grow up and learn more about the real world of adulthood, if they are willing to continue to pay your expenses, (or part of them), that is.

Best wishes

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