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October 26, 2012

Mark asks…

Does anyone know much about the West Lodge apartment complexes in Parkdale, Toronto?

I’m moving to Toronto for university in September and am considering moving into the West Lodge apartment buildings in Parkdale, since they have cheap rent for 1-bedroom apartments. Does anyone know much about this neighbourhood? I know that they had problems with marijuana grow-ops some 8-9 years ago and that the tenants’ association tried to take over the building because the landlord was apparently a slumlord. What is the area like now? And is it close to downtown? I ask because I will be attending Ryerson. Any info would hugely be appreciated..

Administrator answers:

They’re asking $4.5 million, but I would hold out for less. The real estate market hasn’t recovered yet.

Linda asks…

Help finding a place to rent in Maitland, Florida?

I’m looking for a awesome but really cheap place to rent in Maitland, Florida. It can be a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment. I’d like for it to have some nice perks, but stay in a price range of $250-$300 if at all possible. Please can someone help me? Specific listings only please. Thank you!!!

Administrator answers:

Here is a list of 13 apartments in Maitland, Florida that are under $500. I couldn’t find any in the $250-$300 range.


Mandy asks…

Cheap places to live in Chicago?

My parents are splitting and so we (meaning my mom, sister, and myself) need another place to stay. We can’t afford our apartment rent right now ($1,200 a month) and I was wondering what are some safe neighborhoods to stay in Chicago? Are there any good, safe neighborhoods with apartments for rent ranging around $800? We need at least a 2, or preferably 3 bedroom apartment. If you have any information or some recommendations, let me know :)

Administrator answers:

I would just start checking the newspapers. I found some fitting your criteria here: .

Laura asks…

My Girlfriend or Exgirlfriend Moved out 1 week before rent is do. Is she liable up to a certain time frame?

Me and Now as of a few days a go just broke up. 3 years ago to the month she wanted to get a place together so that the day she turned 18 which was in 5 months we could move in together because he parents hated that I was a few years older then her. So I found a place and we decided together to get it. So from that day on. August 3 years ago I moved in and we been paying all the bills 50 50 down the middle since. Friday she started the most stupidest fight you could imagine with me I mean it. She walks in. flips out on me that she had to walk a HALF a block to the house because there was no parking in front and then I pulled my back out so I was in alot of pain trying to move over she curses me out for being in pain. Then storms out of the house and goes home aka her parents out. Now the thing is. In these 3 years she never actually MOVED in. She stayed at her parents house. I always thought this was because she liked having the security of her parents being able to take care of her. But this has always been her place to. She buys stuff for the place .. and literally THROWS OUT everything she doesnt like.. and everything that she has thrown out she never bought.. it all belonged to me.. must have cost me a total of 8k all together of things she has thrown out. Because she for example didnt want to wash it. like the dishes.. I have no no dishes no silverwar no pots no pans no nothing because while i was sleeping she through them out instead of washing them.. seriously i kid you not. So now let me get to the real point of this and my question.

She has been paying rent and bills half for 3 years because it was her decision to get this place so she can move out of her house so she can be with me. I had a home. I didnt have to pay rent. I only moved here so I could be with her. And for the last 3 years I have been trying to get her to make that last big step which she still never did. So now friday came. She starts this big fight on purpose i think to break up. And now she has no contact with me. Rent is due in 1 week. She knows very well I cant afford rent alone. Is she responsible for the rent for a certain period of time by law. Until maybe I can find a roomate. I am not on a lease. And this is a ONE bedroom apartment. .. it has 1 bedroom. 1 livingroom. bathroom and kitchen., What am I to do. I love her to death. But she changed her number everything which is honestly weird. Because in the last 4 years we have not even had a tiny breakup. Let alone a real break up. I didnt play her or anything to cause this. When I say she really started a fight for no reason I mean that sincerly. She even called the cops on me twice in 12 hours and tried to have me locked up they came and had me talk to someone and everything just to say um there is nothing wrong with him and that she needs to stop making false police reports before she goes to jail. and trust me her story changed right away. which i was there as she was on the phone with the cop i laughed. I do love her still and she is my heart. I do want her back. But its kinda hard to talk to her when I dont even have her cell number.

So what do I do about this apartment. I like where I live now. Its really cheap for its location and is in a great location. I know there is some kind of law where you cant just leave someoen high and dry like this. So is she liable for the rent being that she has been paying rent for 3 years straight every month without missing not even ONE payment even the cable. and even though she has been staying at her parents with her true intentions was to move in with me and the only reason we even got this place was because she wanted to move in with me and be with me and the only way this was going to be possible was if we got a place together. oh and the day she turned 18.. 2 months prior her parents accepted me and started to like me.. so that all changed 5 months to late.. but she still wanted to keeep this place and fix it up and move in. what do i do. regarding rent and the law.. her half is only 500 a month and she makes thaat after taxes in ONE week.

Thankyou for reading this long post im sorry i carried on. Matters of the heart i could of honestly carried on alot longer. =/ 5 years and out of no where just stop talking to the only person you basically have had contact with and say you love more then life itself. and i didnt do anything to cause the break up. didnt cheat on her. didnt look at another women. and honestly I dont even look in the same direction as a women. and btw im a massage therapist and even that i dont even look at in any type of sexual way. I see women naken. as muscles and skin. I guess that is because its my profession. So I have a different outlook on that. Because my license means the world to me. I love my job and I wouldnt jeopordize that for anything.

Administrator answers:

The only one responsible for the rent is the person named on the lease. If it is you, then you gotta pay. I am sorry for your situation. Just move on. Do not try to go after her. Find a woman a little older than you. Trust me on this. I have been in your situation.

Chris asks…

Aldine court apartments in Milwaukee reviews?

I can’t find a single website that has reviews for this place! Please answer if you’ve lived here, or know anything about this place. Me and my husband are trying to rent a 1 bedroom apartment, the rent is $375 – $425 and most of the bills are included. Since it’s pretty cheap I’m trying to find out what’s “the catch”.
Yes, that’s another thing that’s weird. There aren’t pictures from the actual apartment on any website, just the building on the outside. We’ll try to schedule an appointment to check the place out and see what’s going on.
I found out what “the catch” is. Crack-heads live there lol Sorry for the expression but I didn’t know another way to put it. A friend of my sister in law ended up living there and she says she’s hating it and can’t wait to leave. Just thought I should share the info in case someone stumbles upon this question.

Administrator answers:

It is odd that not one website has pictures of the inside of the place. I’m from Milwaukee but I don’t live there anymore. I have never heard of that place. It’s really close to the college though. I wonder if a lot of young kids live there.

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