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November 11, 2012

Susan asks…

Is rent really that bad in Toronto city?

Hello everyone. I will hopefully be moving sometime soon to Edmonton, Alberta. A year after that we will be settling down hopefully in Toronto. I want to live in the city of Toronto-it does not have to be downtown Toronto, but I would like to stay in the actual city. I have a few questions and if someone could answer them I would really appreciate it. (I am from the US, and I’ve only been to this beautiful country once before when I was a teen on vacation in Victoria, BC).
My questions

1. Here, if I go to a place where rent is cheap, the wages tend to be lower as well? So a two bedroom apartment upstate is $700 US dollars, but the wages there are significantly lower than where I live. And where I live I pay about $800.00/month in rent for a one bedroom apartment and the wages are somewhat higher. Is it like this all over the provinces of Ontario and Alberta?

2. Is getting affordable rent really that difficult in Toronto city? Also, are the wages there higher than in Windsor, Ontario (where I know rent is def cheaper).

By the way, I would not be coming as a skilled worker as I was not able to attend a university due to tuition costs, so that is why I ask about wages versus salaries.

Administrator answers:

I would check and check out the rentals section and it will give you an idea of what you will pay. If you don’t know where, do a google maps check on the street address, and it will give you a good idea of the proximity to D/T. The beauty of Toronto is that it has great transit, so you can live a good distance from the city center, and it won’t take you that long to get there. By the way, I live in the Vancouver area, and we have the highest rent, and the lowest minimum wage of the country, and people seem to get by. Good luck.

Donald asks…

Where are some apartments?

I ardmore, Oklahoma. I need to know if there’s any cheap, 1 bedroom, all bills paid apartments or houses for rent. Do u know of any? It’ll help a lot. I’m trying to move out of my mommas house so me and my gf can start our lives together

Administrator answers:

If you lack the ability to figure out how to search for an apartment then you lack the ability to make it on your own. This is not a site for soliciting help searching for rentals

John asks…

Are low income apartments always bad?

I am considering moving into an apartment where income restrictions apply. The apartment is not in a nice neighborhood, but not in a horrible one either. I’ve done a walk through the complex and everything seems to be acceptable. The rent is $100-$150 cheaper than other 1 bedroom apartments, including other low income apartments. Although, I have seen a few other apartments that are in a worse condition and a worse neighborhood probably in the same price range. I plan on living there for a 12 month lease while I save money for a nicer apartment. My question is are apartments that are rented specifically for low-income families generally bad? Should I expect [more] problems at low-income housing than I would at a normal apartment? I know that the landlords technically do not lose money because the government pays them the difference, but are low-income apartment conditions still usually worse?

Administrator answers:

Some are not always bad! Actually, depending on where you live, they are quite alot better than the “regualr income” places. In AZ, they are even building NEW apartment complexes that are income restricted. Be careful and watch your surroundings. If the complex is working with the government, they tend to be carefully monitored.

David asks…

What is a good percentage of gross income to budget for rent?

We paid $400 a month in ’92 for a brand new 2/2/2 bedroom apartment in Columbus with a 1200 sq ft basement and then were homeowners until this year last paying $1000 a month for the balance owed on recently sold $365k 3/3/3 home in Austin.

I think my husband is too cheap, paying $2145 a month for a 67 year old battered $700k home in Pasadena CA. It has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and a roommate/friend who is moving out.

We are saving the maximum in 401k, Roth IRA, have no debt except for 2 car payments (less than 2 years left at 1.9%), lots of equity stashed in Vanguard and old 401ks. I think paying $3000 for a newer three/two home with 2 car garage and pool is affordable, especially since we are month-to-month.

Administrator answers:

Should be 30% or less of your total income.

Betty asks…

I need help finding a nice place to rent with my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend are just about to start college in the fall, we want to be closer to the school we are going to and need to find a nice 1 bedroom apartment. We both have jobs that give us $270 each every two weeks. But we also need to think about the cost of food, water, electricity, cable, gas, and other things as well. We want to find a cheap place but not sure of where to look or what we should be looking for. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

You both should really start off renting a room from someone that way utilities are shared in along with the rent, untill you both are ready and stable enough to get your own apartment. We all know how ridicoulously expensive 1 bedroom apartments are now these days, not to mention the credit checks many places make you go through.

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