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October 24, 2012

Joseph asks…

What is the cheapest I can rent a basic 1 bedroom apartment for in Malaysia?

I’m talking basic living space I want to travel to malaysia to learn silat. But I’d like to know the cheapest way to make my money last so the cheapest hostel or room or apartment.

Administrator answers:

One room apartment is not porpular here in Msia unlike Thailand they have a lot of it. The easiest way is to book through you got to find a place near to your training place. Once you are here you can find those cheap hotel above the Chinese Coffee Shop, there are a lot of it in every town area but they quite difficult to be found online, you can negotiate with them if you want to stay for a whole month, a simple room with air condition with sharing toilets will cost about RM400 – 600 a month depending on area

Linda asks…

Are there really 950yen/month 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Tokyo?

I saw the following given as part of an answer to another question;_ylt=Atx355D8QwT3OYZQjq5tq94N7RR.;_ylv=3?qid=20080813100605AAt5EeP

“A three bedroom apartment in Tokyo can range from 950? to 52,500 ? (that’s for a sweet 1 bedroom apt in Asakusa district). So, take the rent times 12, rent can range from 11,400? to 630,000?/year.”

Is this really so? Has anyone ever rented one of these places or know where I can find about them?

950yen/month is really cheap. I’d be more that willing to pay 10 times that much for a 3 bedroom apartment in Tokyo and it doesn’t have to be in Asakusa.

Really? It seem too good to be true. But, then why would that person say something like that? She says she’s fluent in Japanese and has a Japanese husband. Why would she make up something like 950yen/month?

Administrator answers:

I think that you may have it mixed up. It might 950 US dollars a month. 950 yen comes out to $8.70. I’m currently looking up three bedrooms in Tokyo, and the cheapest I’m finding it about 170,000-250,000 yen. That person is, I believe, misquoting, especially from the information I’m finding all over google. Do some research on your own – trust me, goodgle is a beautiful thing ;-)

Jenny asks…

Looking for a 1 bedroom Apt in the Ottawa area to rent?

Im currently going to be attending carleton university but i can only seem to find either a one bedroom in a 3-4 bedroom house or sharing an apartment. i want a ONE bedroom apartment just for myself. does anyone know of any cheap ones in the ottawa area? preferrably under $600 i’m a female and am looking for this asap as i start university in september.

Administrator answers:

A one bedroom under 600 doesn’t exist in Ottawa, you would have to go across the river in Hull and commute. If you check craigslist or kijijji you’ll see all the cheap apartments are over there, problem is even there prices are rising, the closer you are to ottawa the more expensive it’ll get. If you want under 600 you’ll need to go to Gatineau or Mont-Bleu in Hull.

In Ottawa under 600 will be a bachelor the only places I’ve seen at that price are around ridgewood and riverside, which is rather close to Carleton. Not sure what the neighbourhood is like. Unfortunately you may have to bite the bullet and get a roommate . . .

Check this website for cheap places, you can find stuff under 700$

William asks…

is rent cheap in compton as opposed to paramount?

also is rent cheap in south central?
about how much $$ for a 1 bedroom apartment in ither cities?

Administrator answers:

Both Compton and Paramount have some very nice sections, and some very bad sections. It really depends on the specific part of town you live in. Both have heavy minority populations, Compton mostly black, and Paramount mostly Hispanic. In most typical areas a 1 bedroom goes in the $1000-$1100 range.

Laura asks…

Where can I find listings for houses for rent?

I’m 19 and Pregnant with my first child. My boyfriend and I currently live in a 1 bedroom apartment. The rent will be unafforadable after the baby is born. We would really like to rent a 2 or 3 bedroom house, though we want to get cheaper rent. we pay 750 now. If anyone has a good site or way to find the cheapest homes for rent in the Florida area it would be a big help.

Administrator answers:

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