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August 14, 2013

Joseph asks…

North Carolina vs Georgia?

I live in Raleigh, NC, i have been traveled around the southern states(Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and Mississippi. The southern region is kind of conservative areas where people have different mentality, i love North Carolina so much that it’s going to be difficult for me to live another states because i am in love of North Carolina and it’s the best home to be. So anyways, I spoke with one of my friend who lives in Atlanta, Ga ans she said that North Carolina is the worst place to live in America that people are so boring that they don’t have nothing to do, the cost of living is so cheap than Atlanta because it has more activities down there like nightclubs, schools, universities, supermarkets, everything. I used to live in Maryland before but since my boyfriend is here in North Carolina it made me love again for the Tar Heel state, Maryland is beautiful too but the reason why i left MD is because it’s so expensive around the vicinity of Washington, dc(the metropolitan area) like having a house and an apartment you must pay at least $1200/month for 1 bedroom but in North Carolina an apartment you can pay $500/month for 1 bedroom and the life is cheaper than MD, DC & VA but also the jobwise in DC is more open than in southern regions. I spent most of my times in Atlanta, GA from times to times but Atlanta is beautiful in downtown but there is no job down there and most of the people are poor and broke, this is why the crime rate is high over there like prostitution especially piedmont area, decatur, college park. What are your point of view?

Administrator answers:

Atlanta is just like any other really big city that has low employment, thus as you said, high crime and poverty rate. I live in Michigan, and I know what you mean about loving the small town, quiet life. I am moving to Georgia as well this summer for a job. I will be moving outside Savannah though. I have been doing a lot of research on the web and getting people’s opinions, and everybody I’ve talked to and everything I’ve read has said that Savannah is a very nice city.

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