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October 24, 2012

Nancy asks…

How to find cheap 1-bedroom apartment in Montreal?

I am an American moving to Montreal in July. I am looking for a spacious 1 bedroom apartment in Montreal, with a closed bedroom. Want to pay under $600/mo.

I am interested in the specific area of Westmount.

Furnished is ideal.

I have looked on craigslist and kijiji without luck! What is the best way to go about finding a cheap apartment?

thank you for tips!!

Administrator answers:

Check the local paper, there may be more there. Also, you can contact leasing agents in the area and notify them of exactly what you’re looking for; if they have anything that matches your specifications, they’ll let you know!

Paul asks…

What are some cheap 1 bedroom and 1 bath apartments in Lawrenceville, Ga?

Im moving there in June and was just wondering so I can start looking now.

Administrator answers:

Check out some of the sites I’ve listed under sources for you. Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Where can i get a cheap 1 bedroom apartment in the Bronx?

The only thing that i can afford is 800 a month…..I don’t care if it is noisy as long as the neighborhood is not rat infested… if u know of any please let me know

Administrator answers:

You can’t. Welcome to Jersey. We welcome people looking for cheap apartments with open arms.

Sandra asks…

looking for cheap 1 bedroom apartment in sydney Australia?

Administrator answers:

Go to or and search the following suburbs:

Surry Hills

Carol asks…

Where are 1 bedroom apartments still cheap in the USA?

I’ve lived in NY all my life and I am planning to move soon. I’ve been researching best places to live but I want a 1 bedroom for $500/month – give or take. What cities have rents like that? Also, if there is public transportation nearby? Thanks.
I’m a 55 year old female who has been a city kid by force. I’m quite comfortable in fresh air/less people/open space type areas. I’ve done a lot of travelling nation and worldwide. My rent now is $845 after living in the same place 31 years. By NY rules, that’s still cheap but I know that other places have decent size 1 BR, cleaner neighborhoods, cheaper rents and more amenities. Maybe this additional info will help. Thanks to all.

Administrator answers:

Wilkes-Barre or Scranton in PA, which is close enough to bus to NY. My 1 bedroom apartment in Wilkes-Barre was $350 per month and had a ton of amenities.

Chris asks…

How much per month to rent a small 1 bedroom apartment in Niteroi or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil that is furnished?

I am looking to stay for a year in an apartment in Niteroi, Brazil and was hoping someone could help me with some answers about prices for a cheap 1 bedroom apartment that is furnished. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

The price totally varies, I had a girlfriend renting an apt in Copacabana for R$800 (or about USD$400) that is the cheaper side…

But you can rent rooms from ppl and have roommates for the same price in a nicer apt. You won’t have any problem finding places.

Good luck. Another neighborhood to check out are Sta. Teresa, but thats not in Niteroi.

Betty asks…

Can you help me find a cheap 1 bedroom- 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment in the area of pasadena?

Administrator answers:

Try Westside Rentals:

Robert asks…

How cheap is a 1 bedroom apartment in oklahoma?

im looking for a 1 bedroom 1 bath everything when you walk in really as small as you can go i dont really care i want the rent under $300 is that possible?
yea im looking for a place with no cable and no internet no amenities just a box to live in i would like A/C and heat that’s about it
im typing this from the library took me 20 minutes for this sheeeee

Administrator answers:

I rented a place in Norman, right next to OU, last year. It was all bills paid for less than 700. But that was a two bedroom. Also included DSL and cable. I think the one bedrooms were from upper four hundreds.

Charles asks…

Im planning on moving to San Diego but I need a cheap 1 bedroom apartment outside the city. Where do I look?

I plan on working in construction down by San Diego and I’d like a cheep (seriously nothing fancy) apartment just outside the city. Maybe 15 minutes away. All I’m looking for is a place with a kitchen and a bedroom that’s not in too bad of a neighborhood. I’ve lived in the bay area my whole life and never been down there (yet) and I’d like to know where to start looking. Any info will be helpful, thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you’re looking for no-frills then SD still has plenty of those. Downtown and the east village have lots of low-income studio apartment complexes that will rent weekly or monthly with no lease. Downtown SD is actually really nice and you are within walking distance to lots of nightlife. Stay away from southeast SD, logan heights, east sd, city heights, and national city. North Park isn’t bad. Hillcrest is the gay area. Linda Vista is mostly vietnamese. Spring Valley and Chula vista have some bad parts. If you stay west of I-15 and north of 94 that should keep you out of the rough areas.


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